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Submission + - Software engineer detained at JFK, given test to prove he's an engineer (

mendred writes: From the article:
"Omin, a software engineer at Andela — a tech startup that connects developers in Africa with U.S employers — had a particularly unwelcoming reception when he deplaned at John F. Kennedy Airport and was given a test to prove he was actually a software engineer.

An unprepared and exhausted Omin waited in the airport for approximately 20 minutes before being questioned by a Customs and Border Protection officer about his occupation. After several questions were asked, he was reportedly brought to a small room and told to sit down, where he was left for another hour before another customs officer entered and resumed grilling him.

Omin was instructed to answer the following questions:
Write a function to check if a Binary Search Tree is balanced.
What is an abstract class, and why do you need it."

Comment Re:Wait, undiscovered? (Score 5, Informative) 75

From the article

"This research is exciting as we were able to theoretically observe the spectacle of an entire population of black holes using computer simulations. The results show that globular clusters like NGC 6101, which were always considered boring are in fact the most interesting ones, possibly each harbouring hundreds of black holes. This will help us to find more black holes in other globular clusters in the Universe. " concluded Peuten.

Therefore still undiscovered, as this was just a simulation that provided an explanation of the makeup of the specific cluster under examination - when they added black holes to the simulation, the results matched what the actual cluster looks like while without black holes it didn't

Submission + - PCM based memory may offer upto 275x performance of consumer level flash (

mendred writes: Quote from the articles
"a groundbreaking new memory technology, which combines flash with phase change memory (PCM) on a PCI-e card. Initial tests have clocked 12x and 275x improvements"

"When tested, the PCI-e card demonstrated remarkable results. In terms of write latency, it completed 99.9% of the requests within 240 microseconds – equal to one millionth of a second. The same experiment, carried out against an enterprise-class PCI-e flash card and a consumer-level flash SSD, yielded a 12x and 275x longer completion times for the best 99.9% of the requests."

Actual article over here

Slides refered to in the article are here

Comment Here is an example of what opensource can do (Score 3, Interesting) 299

This is an example of the music I produce. It is produced using KXStudio and ardour with linuxsampler/hydrogen (running as an LV2 plugin via composite sampler)/linuxdsp/calf plugins. It shows that it is definitely possible to use opensource software to create songs. Of course i have also mixed in LinuxDSP (which is commercial) along with the calf plugins - they plays a big part in my sound.

Most of the money I have spent is on the equipment I use to record (my guitars/ tube condenser mic/X-Station/headphones etc). But I have also spent a lot of time and energy accumulating free samples from different sources and kitting them together(the drum kit is an example - it is a hydrogen based Drumkit using the Colombo Acoustic Drumkit with other samples (e.g. the snare) from different sources - all free). I also use the excellent composite sampler to directly plugin the hydrogen drumkits as a lv2 plugin into Ardour's midi tracks, so I don't use anything over ardour really. I use a cheap BCF2000 in Mackie emulation mode with Ardour.

I have also bought the linuxdsp plugins - I can honestly say that they are on par and sometimes better than commercial offerings (listen to the Linuxdsp Pultech EQ in action and compare that to the real thing - very close!) - the best part is that they are not restricted to linux - so you can use them where-ever. Also use the excellent calf plugins especially the saturator.

It works for the kind of music I do - (a mix of classical/classical rock/blues/jazz) and the fact that I compose/record/produce/sing my music myself, but I have felt the pain in the past and it has often taken me a lot of time to produce the things the way i wanted it to sound (You can see some of my older pieces as well on soundcloud - you can see that the sound does gets progressively better - it was part of a learning process of learning to use the tools and learning music production! I am currently working on a new track which uses the sonatina orchestra which is a free orchestral sample released under creative commons and i think that definitely sounds a lot better than my previous ones. Also Ardour allows for midi editing on screen - i.e.. i can see all my tracks side by side with midi at the same track resolution- its very useful when i need to line up notes across tracks. Other DAWs tend to have a separate window come up when you need to have midi editing (or they used to..not sure if that's the case anymore!)

If you go with a mac - chances are you will be doing what other people have already done and use the tools that they do - it does wind up costing more though- but if you are going to be producing music for other folks, time will be critical. Also there are probably more tools/options out there for the mac - e.g. I still can't find an auto tune equivalent for linux - however it is possible to run windows VSTs under emulation in wine as well - you can find videos in youtube.

The key thing with the mac is that if you run into problems..chances are someone would be able to help you solve them - I know a friend who absolutely swears by his macbook for music production and he says that the support is amazing. Linux based DAWs have also grown in that sense - the Ardour community is large but I just get the feeling that the mac might be a bit more mature - although this could be a case of the grass being greener on the other side. It will now be a bit of a learning curve, I am way too used to the way Ardour/jack and how my tools work now that I have invested the time and energy in getting to know them.

Also these tools have matured (i have been using them for over 5 years now). So a lot of the problems I faced in 2008 have been minimized. Suggest that if you do have the time, try giving them a spin with a simple project or something- spend a few weeks playing with it - if you like it use it. If you don't then you can always switch to commercial. The only thing you would have lost is time. That's what I did originally and didn't really look back after that.

Comment Sounds like what he needs is a software architect (Score 2) 313

In the olden days patrons or kings would hire composers to create a bit of music. The patron wasn't knowledgeable but had an idea. The composer would create the score and the arrangement and present it to an orchestra. the orchestra would execute the composers vision and thus there would be music played back to the patron. The patron then provides his feedback (applause or derision :) ) The entrepreneur is a patron. The programmer (violin player for e.g.) the project manager (the conductor) are all part of the orchestra. The missing bit is the composer who is the software architect. Of course it doesn't hurt for the patron to also understand music as it lets him present his ideas in a way that's more understandable to the composer and the orchestra i.e. removing a layer of intrepretation and also let's him appreciate the complexity of what they are doing but the reality is that he is paying for it and shouldn't need to. The architect should intrepet his idea and present it back to the team in a manner that they understand. That's the theory atleast :).

Comment ClamAV/Immunet (Score 1) 396 Used this around 5 years back when I was in Uni. I recommended it for the university mail server whch was running linux. Worked pretty well..the number of malware on email dropped to zero in a day..not sure about its effectiveness in the modern day but it is a cross platform with the windows equivalent being immunet (runs the same engine)

Comment Flaw in the proof (Score 1) 1260

Huh? What sort of a proof is this First of all if a=0.999....... then 10a doesn't result in a 9.999...where the decimal precision of the two are the same. Both tend to infinity, but at some microscopic level a will always have a decimal precision different than 10a. (think of it as willie coyote always chasing road runner!) which means 10a- a ~= 9a (not exact but around 9a) and therefore 0.999.... ~= 1 i.e. 0.999.. tends to 1..No shit Sherlock!

Submission + - Major setback for India's space programme ( 1

mendred writes: From the article — India's attempt to join a select club of nations to own cryogenic engine technology—necessary for launching heavy satellites—was aborted on Thursday after its rocket failed within five minutes of lifting off.The mission failure is a commercial setback for the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), which hopes to enter the communication satellite launch market.India has spent more than two decades and Rs 335 crore on developing the cryogenic engine, a restricted technology owned only by the US, Russia, Japan and China

Comment More trouble than its worth... (Score 1) 510

This is a "feature" that really wasn't neccessary..but requires effort to be coded in to be tested, because if that isn't done, things can horribly go wrong..all that to maintain a status quo and remove a feature.

But now something got borked..extra effort will have to go in to correct the problem..all for a "feature" which didn't really benefit anyone...other than a potential lock-in benefit that only marketing can conceive which had its share of bad PR as well.

Sigh...welcome to the real sucks..

Comment Depends on what you are looking for (Score 2, Insightful) 405

From reading your post, it looks like you are looking to use a desktop OS (I may be wrong). Also it seems to me that you have tried various distros of linux but are rejecting them because it doesn't hhave ZFS.

Therefore if we are to restrict our options to OpenBSD and FreeBSD i would lean towards FreeBSD simply due to the large no. of apps available through ports.Also i believe driver compatibility is a little better in FreeBSD, especially recently with nvidia cards.

However as another poster said, the best judge is you. therefore install each and try them out and see which works best with your hardware. you may also want to compare desktop responsiveness with Linux, as I believe that recent linux kernels have received further optimizations for desktop performance.

If its a server OS you are looking for then it depends on what you are using it for (LAMP, file server, DB host etc.). If you are looking to run commercial DBs like Oracle on it, a certified OS like RHEL/Solaris may be a better bet if u plan to ask for support. Thats a totally different ball game all together and is something on which one can write pages on.

Good luck on whatever you choose to use.

Comment I wish them the best in their endeavour (Score 3, Informative) 133

From reading the article, it looks as if the company has put in a lot of thought and effort into making a product that not only is technically advanced but also have developed a marketing strategy and are tailoring their product for a segment- The point about removable chargeable batteries was something that had kept crossing my mind everytime i had seen an article on electric cars and I am glad someone has gotten around to implementing it (I am unsure if anyone else has..if so please feel free to correct me!) . They appear to be getting their basics right and in addition are trying to put in some real innovation (inflatable parts).I hope they get their funding problems sorted. I for one would be rooting for them!
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Valve, porting games to linux? (

shrewd writes: "According to valves wanted ad, they're looking for a Senior Software Engineer who's responsibilities include "Port[ing] Windows-based games to the Linux platform." are valve planning or in the process of porting steam + games to the linux platform?"

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