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Comment Re:So they can't talk about proprietary products?? (Score 2, Interesting) 587

I dare say it would make sense to give FOSS priority on a discussion board about a piece of FOS software. But really, GNOME is a desktop environment. Wouldn't it sorta limit the user's freedom to not be able to run proprietary products on his/her main OS? If we follow Stallman's advice, then entire projects (Wine for example) should get abandoned.

Comment And the irony is... (Score 1) 354

... according to NetApplications, the most popular browser version (IE 6) wasn't considered for the test.

How about that thar ActiveX blocker, eh?


Yesterday, I walked out to my car with a bag of trash in one hand and my laptop in the other. When (after stopping by the dumpster), I made it to my car with the trash, something was wrong.

Comment Holding out for the underdog (Score 4, Funny) 283

" seems to of"?

I'm not familiar with that phrase, O'Neill.

Seriously, though, I've been with AT&T and didn't want to switch to the iPhone (I root for underdogs), so it's a little disappointing that yet another sweet-looking smartphone is locked in to a single carrier. You have to go with T-Mobile to get an Android phone, and you have to go with Sprint to get the Palm Pre.

Submission + - Sequoia Disclosing Voting System Source to D.C. (

buzzinglikeafridge writes: After Sequoia voting machines registered more votes than there were voters in D.C.'s primaries last September and the city threatened a lawsuit as a result, the company agreed to disclose technical details of the system (including source code) to the city. Although this isn't the first time the company has disclosed the source code of its' machines, it is the first time the machine's blueprints will be handed over as well.

Submission + - Costs too high to recover video in murder case ( 2

Meshach writes: A story out of Canada about how the BC Civil Liberties Union has abandoned attempt to recover a cell phone video of a murder because of the cost involved. The whole controversy started when several police officers killed a homeless man claiming that they acted in self defense. The officer claimed that the homeless man threatened them with a knife. The whole incident was recorded on a cell phone camera but the officers confiscated the phone and now claim they accidentally erased the data.

Comment I broked it. (Score 1) 739

I broke it trying to upgrade.

I was in a Christian college back in '06, and heard about Ubuntu in a computer science class. After purchasing a new hard drive (being paranoid about losing my Windows data), I installed Ubuntu 6.06.

When 6.10 came out, I decided to upgrade, and I did it over the school network. Problem was, the linux upgrade had a package called libsexy2 in it which was promptly caught by the internet filter, so the upgrade crashed. Being the paranoid person that I was, I uninstalled the libsexy2 package from my Ubuntu installation.

Without noticing the list of other packages that would be uninstalled, I uninstalled libsexy2, and with it the rest of Gnome. Eventually, I had to re-image my drive because I couldn't apt-get anything (the school network required a login through a web browser).
Since 6.06, I've been running Ubuntu as my main OS, though, and it treats me well.

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