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Comment Re:If you like the sound of that... (Score 1) 192

TFA mentions use of a traveling wave tube, basically an inverse klystron tube, to reclaim some of the energy from the emitted alpha particles and convert it into electricity to power other vehicle systems. It does this using condensers out of your accelerator circuits, solenoids from your gyro stabilizers, and the Lavallois technique.

Comment Celebrate. (Score 1) 437

Most people can't even give it away if they try and try they do. Giving it away is what CC is all about. If someone is stealing what you are doing that is very encouraging news and cause for celebration. You might consider producing as much of what people like to steal from you as you can while they still want to steal it from you. I wish I was in your shoes.

Comment Re:Why humanoid? (Score 1) 108

Two things. First, the humanoid is the result of millions of years of recent evolution. It's a solid design. Sure, you probably can come up with a better design, but why throw away what already works? That's wasteful. Second, we have millennia of human technology designed for the humanoid form. Why throw that away either? Same argument about waste applies.

Third, you don't want to waste the opportunity to make your robot look like frickin' Boba Fett. Same argument about waste applies yet again.

Comment Perhaps everyone is completely missing the point? (Score 1) 457

It seems to me that the intent of the licensing terms is to prevent companies from substituting a consumer model for a professional one that costs 10x to 100x as much. Consumer video quality is getting so good that camera companies need to legally require media producers to use the pro product because very soon there will be no other good reason why they should waste their money on it.

Comment Danger, Will Robinson?! (Score 1) 210

If this method for detecting life works well then you better believe any advanced alien civilization relatively close to us probably already knows exactly where we are. Perhaps we should hope that life is so common in the universe that they are working their way down a long boring list of warm wet rocks with weird crap growing on them and it will take them a long time to investigate us.

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