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Comment Re:Love camera phones (Score 1) 182

I don't know of any phone, point-and-shoot, or DSLR that makes it hard to upload photos. Facebook's app is available to you free if you want to do it from your phone, and anyone can plug their camera into their computer, choose what they want to share, and click a couple times on a website. Who exactly is having a problem?

Comment Re:Google+ is growing (Score 1) 352

It's all who your friends are, of course. My FB friends are my real friends, and they're writers, artists, business-owners, musicians, tech people, and some family. We have quite interesting discussions and share stuff we're all interested in. If you collect random idiot as FB friends, then you get swamped with pets, food, and pseudo-inspirational bullshit.

Comment Re:Actually I wouldn't be surprised. (Score 0) 692

Yep. I've been a Mac user since 1986, and have listened to generations of people who reflexively hate every step Apple takes, only to retreat as they continue to succeed. iOS 7 will look like no other mobile OS, and has an elegant layered design, in my opinion. There is a maturity in letting skeuomorphic and bubbly stuff go. People know about tapping on a screen now, and I trust Apple's designers. If you want to see a real "mishmash," just look at the Android hardware/software landscape.

Comment Re:Suprising how? (Score 0) 771

Then it is pure coincidence that the prescriptions to remedy the "problem" just happen to be exactly the anti-capitalist ones the left has been pushing for the past couple generations? Only more government control over industry can solve all the problems perceived by scientists funded by government?
We recently learned CO2 emissions were way down because of the increased utilization of cleaner-burning natural gas. Will the left get behind the gas industry? Only if they stand to gain money and power, as with anything else. I'm stunned that people still believe that the left is benevolent and altruistic, like some 1960s hippy commune retards.

Comment Re:Freedom of thought? Freedom of speec? Not so mu (Score 0) 826

I think this guy got exactly what he wanted: publicity for the anti-TSA cause. Try "saying" something loud about bombs or terrorism in a security line or on a plane. You're asking for trouble, and you know it. I'm not saying it's good or justified, but I don't walk up to cops on the street with anti-police shirts with "robbery", "assault" or "weapon" on them, even though it's legal.

Comment Re:Shelf Life (Score 0) 255

I must agree with you about the family aspect. My mother had never heard of MySpace, but she, my dad, sister, cousins, high-school and college friends are ALL on FB and use it almost daily. Facebook has crossed the threshold, just as Google did (and I used the Mom test for that, too.) Once my Mom said she needed to Google something, I knew that race was over. I have no great love for FB, but it's won.

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