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Comment Re: It was already a dangerous site to visit ... (Score 1) 189

There is an RFC (at affected site), which discusses the idea of named parameters for PHP 5.6. The proposal suggests that you would be able to use both named parameters and non-named parameters in the same function, but specifies that all functions using a mix must declare the order-dependent params before declaring any named params so that the interpreter knows how to handle the two.

Comment Re:Fair enough. (Score 1) 1251

What if this person who believed in ID also happened to agree with the evidence that the earth is billions of years old? There are people out there who believe in the principles of science and also believe in God. Not everyone who is a Christian has the same basic premise about the age of the earth and the nature of creation. Further, as was stated earlier, belief in God does not preclude the ability to do scientific research. While this bill may not be going about it the right way, the general premise is that it is possible to be a scientist and believe in God. As others have said, this may backfire on the creationists such that other religions are able to capitalize on this as well–that would not be a bad thing.

The goal I believe is to support freedom both of religion and employ, such that a person is not disqualified for a job simply based on religious views. To speak of competence in that field is another issue. In academic circles, competence would mean the ability to exist and work in an environment where different viewpoints exist. One may disagree with certain viewpoints, but they should still be able to discuss the merits and shortfalls of all positions. The teacher is there to give students the tools they need to make their own informed, reasoned decisions not to dictate which positions the student should take.

Comment Re:IMHO (Score 1) 37

Got a 502 error on far7 and two of the others didn't load. I opened up web snooker only to be told that my Webkit nightly of Safari isn't supported and I need to "update it." The only one that worked for me was z-type–fun, but only for a little while.

Comment Re:I dont get this drupal pushing (Score 1) 55

I have just started to attempt to learn Drupal, and on the surface, it looks really great, but a lot of things are difficult to get working correctly. The appeal for me was not having to build user management and CMS features that already exist elsewhere and probably have more features than I can afford to build. The unfortunate thing is that to get those features, I have to give up a properly designed database. While writing custom forms to work with my data took some time, it's taken me longer to try and get views to accomplish the same thing I can do with a few fairly straightforward SQL queries. Drupal has great potential, a huge community and a lot of extensibility that are easy to tap into for novices–which are great features to have, once I have the few custom features I need in place, but getting my customizations in place is worse than when my appendix burst.

My ideal CMS handles user management/roles/acces control and has the ability to create/edit static pages, and gives me an easy way to integrate my own application. Is there anything out there like that? I tried CodeIgniter, it was fairly easy to use, but doesn't seem to have pre-roled CMS I can use on top of my app–I'd have to build it all from scratch. I need something half way between Drupal and raw PHP, haven't found it yet.

Comment Re:Legibility (Score 1) 280

One of the difficulties I face as someone with bad eyesight is "mobile friendly" sites that disable zooming–it's a usability nightmare. A font like this would be impossible for me to read without the ability to zoom, and as you mentioned, it looks terrible when you zoom in. I could live with it, but I think there are better alternatives.

As an aside, if you have disabled zooming on your sites or know someone has, please re-enable it for us visually impaired folk.

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