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Comment Re:Recyclers forced to recycle (Score 1) 223

This isn't true. Reusing your 20-year-old refrigerator is way worse than recycling it, for example. Old computers draw a lot more power than newer computers that do more work. Etc. Sure, if the thing still works and is relatively new, keep using it, but the idea that we should keep using 20-year-old computers rather than recycling them isn't true.

Comment Re:Recyclers forced to recycle (Score 1, Insightful) 223

Yup, the idea that components can be reused is absurd. If you can take a macbook and suck all the material out of it and turn it back to input, that's actually a much better result than keeping it running: battery tech has improved, power consumption is down, etc. I suppose it's a criticism of modern computers that they aren't modular the way PCs used to be, but this isn't really something Apple invented. What the hell else am I supposed to do with an old computer that isn't working anymore? Repair is likely to cost as much as buying a new one, so if you can't recycle everything, the alternative is landfill.

Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 226

I used to do this with X all the time back in the day, but when I've tried to do it with linux distros more recently, it was really flaky. My emacs window kept disappearing, to the point where it was easier to just log in over ssh and run emacs in ascii terminal mode.

Comment Re: Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 1222

The Martian may well be forgotten, but it was a much better movie than any that you named. Space Odyssey is practically unwatchable because it's so full of anachronisms. Star Wars is a typical hollywood three-act play. Don't get me wrong, I loved it when I was twelve, but it's not great art, and it's not even great story. The Matrix was fantastic, I loved it, I even use imagery from it in my meditation practice, but there were way too many bandaids. One of them is even the bandaid that my wife and I use to joke about Hollywood scriptwriting bandaids: "combined with a form of fusion..." Alien 2 was pretty good, I'll grant you that, but it was basically a bug hunt.

What is great about The Martian is that it's got story, it's got adventure, it's got a kick-ass optimistic view of the future, and most of the science is fine. There is one plot band-aid at the beginning—the windstorm that can knock over a spaceship—but that's the worst one. And above all else, the film honors and lauds science. That's what science fiction is about, not blasters and bugs.

Comment Re:IMSAI 8080 (Score 1) 857

A friend of mine from school had one of these. He would program the tape boot loader on the console from memory, then boot Tarbell BASIC off the cassette. It was all static RAM. He made memory boards from kits, but there was shag carpeting in the basement where he did his soldering, so he fried one of his (very expensive!) 4k memory boards walking across the carpet with it, not realizing that it was that sensitive to static. I had a healthy paranoia about static for many years afterwards which probably helped me when I got a job in the industry. This is the home computer I always wanted, but couldn't have. :)

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