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Comment Re:Incorrect! (Score 1) 382

The majority of people are poor, so using a form of transportation that poor people use is pretty natural for them. However, the main problem with most public transport is that it sucks. Where it doesn't, everybody uses it, rich and poor, just like they do the sidewalks.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 2) 640

The thing about this is that I've driven a Tesla, and it's true that if you really put the pedal to the medal, it accelerates like fuck, but it would be really hard to do it accidentally—if you just put your foot on it normally, it doesn't take off on you. Bottom line, this is why we need self-driving cars. It's an absolute tragedy that we rely on human reflexes to avoid accidents.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 386

It may be that women who don't get hit on wish they got hit on more, but what does that have to do with what I said? I'm talking about women who get hit on a lot. I can tell that you don't have any sympathy for them, but I didn't ask you to have sympathy for them. I just described how it looks from her side. You can do with that description what you want.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 3, Insightful) 386

You must be amazingly attractive, or else perhaps you are in the closet? I have literally never been propositioned by a gay man in all the time I've lived in and visited the Bay Area, which is closing in on thirty years. I've gotten plenty of interested looks, but never been propositioned. So I'm skeptical of this story. Sounds like what your ego wants to say happened, not what actually happened.

Submission + - More than a million 'smart' devices part of a spreading botnet

beda writes: Based on traffic observed in a distributed network of honeypots, researchers from CZ.NIC discovered a large number of 'smart' devices, such as CCTV cameras or home gateways, attacking Telnet protocol throughout the Internet. It is very likely that these are part of a spreading botnet with more than 20,000 new devices appearing every day. The article contains a lot of details and also a dedicated website for testing if a specific IP address was captured in the honeypot.

Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 1) 993

Pragmatism and protest are not opposites. You can do both, and it's better if you make your protest as effective as possible, rather than just doing a lazy protest on election day.

A vote is a choice to hire one of the people who you can hire. If you want to undermine the power of the two parties, the way to do it is the way the Tea Party has done, or else to do the really hard work of building a new party from the ground up by getting elected in local elections, state elections, federal elections, and then and only then the presidential election. Choosing not to participate in the presidential election doesn't undermine the power of the two parties at all. It just robs you of the ability to say "no" to the candidate you dislike the most. That's really what your presidential vote is for--it's not like you're ever going to be faced with a candidate you can be completely enthusiastic about. Even Sanders had issues, although I supported him like mad in the primary.

If you like Sanders' politics, supporting what he's doing in the wake of the primary would be a good move. If you don't, get involved in the party you do like, and do things that will actually result in that party gaining power. Casting a protest vote in the presidential election is easy. Doing something that actually changes the system is hard. Please, do the hard thing. And if you dislike either of the two candidates substantially more, please consider holding your nose and voting for that candidate's opponent.

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