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Comment Re:They died in the great flood (Score 3, Insightful) 154

So the world was flooded for months with over a mile of water, then all the bodies, still whole, settle in the same region, then they are trampled and eaten by dinosaur scavengers (presumably they just ran really fast from Noah's ark back to Alberta). Awesome, that explains everything.

Comment It isn't about being green (Score 1) 446

Printing isn't on the decline because of environmental concerns, it is on the decline because you don't need it as much anymore, especially for the younger crowd. Who needs printouts when your phone can pull up Google docs, wikipedia and your pictures? Who needs printouts when so much is digitized? Who needs paper when all of your bills are paid electronically? When your books are on a e-reader? The paperless office and home are not here, and they might never be. But paper is certainly less relevant today than it was twenty years ago, and it will continue to become less relevant as time goes on.

Comment Re:No, it's a stupid idea... (Score 1) 845

You are mis-informed. Atheists believe that since there is no reason to hold a positive belief in God, and the universe makes more sense without a God, it is best to proceed with the assumption that there is no God. Even Dawkins says his atheism is 6 out of 7, simply because it is not possible to prove a negative claim. I think you should do some more reading about what real atheists claim before you get on your soap box and tell everyone what you think we believe. And using caps does not PROVE your point.

Comment Once again (Score 1) 484

The *brilliant* minds of Slashdot have come up with the questions that no-one would ever think to ask! I am *sure* the designers never thought of something like rain. Truly, this is the home of genius, and we should all be grateful that we can come here, and be saved from innovation! */sarcasm Maybe there might be answers to the obvious questions we are seeing. The guy at least wrote a proposal that convinced someone to give him 100,000k. Oh, right, everyone in the government is stupid, and can be easily conned.

Comment Christ (Score 1) 853

You know, this has got to be the most biased, mis-leading and inflammatory headline I have ever read on Slashdot. Fine, you are Libertarian, I get it. But things like this do *nothing* to help you, it just makes you look like conspiracy theory wackos. This is like saying: A) The government can deploy the National Guard in an emergency B) The army is going to rape your sister and kill your whole family!!!!!!!

Comment Re:It has a story? (Score 1) 259

I think I agree. At least for me, WoW is just a time sink, and it is designed that way. I know lots of people love it, but it reminds me of TV sitcoms, it is just designed to be involving enough to keep you staring at the screen, but never deep enough to actually make you think enough to really become enjoyable. So in summary, WoW is like McDonalds.

Comment Re:It has a story? (Score 1) 259

Yea, there is a lot of lore, but you could literally pick up all the interesting lore in a couple hours of reading, rather than play for a year to get it all in game. The gameplay is too drawn out and tedious. It was alright when I was younger and didn't have anything better to do, but now I just can't justify spending the amount of time WoW takes. If you can only play for an hour a day, WoW sucks. At least games like Warhammer online let you log in and have some fun, even if you only have half an hour.

Comment Re:Will Interest Wane? (Score 1) 259

It did for me. Honestly, I lost interest before I came close to the first level cap. The expansions might be awesome, but there is no way I am going to waste months of my time grinding for levels just to get to the new content. If they let you start out now and pick a mid-range point for your character maybe I would consider it. People might say, hey it only takes a couple weeks to level up to 50! Well, yea, but some of us have jobs and families. If the gameplay was fun it might be different, but I get tired of playing about two days after I start. Just the same thing over and over and over and.....

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