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I really enjoy your comments! I am a long time /. reader but have never posted a comment. Yes, I created this account to specifically post my comments on this topic. I am a native Vietnamese speaker too who used to live in Can Tho city - a city that is right at Mekong Delta. When I was a teenager hunting these lizards was my favorite activity after school. They run very fast, they are usually on the ground but they can climb trees as fast. And their bites can be lethal, or so I thought (there was a rumor that when they bite you, you had to drink a mouthful of water quickly; otherwise, if the lizards drink the water before you do, you die ! :-( Like I said their meat tastes quite good, actually very good (otherwise, they wouldn't be on the menu) but the main reason I like to hunt them because catching them are fun andI can sell them for a few bucks (we call it Dong in Vietnam)

Comment Re:Biggest question not answered! (Score 5, Informative) 133

It tastes quite good, really. It tastes best when fried. It is crispy and sweet, like snakes. I used to hunts these lizards and ate them once in a while but back then (more than 20 years ago) few people ate them unless they had Asthma. It is an effective medicine to treat Asthma.

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