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Comment Re:This ex-Swatch guy doesn't have a clue (Score 2) 389

See this is where I disagree. Men only have two hands, and can only wear one watch. I can tell you that even the richest of people use an Iphone (or android) since there is no other equivalent cell phone of greater technical capability.

If the apple watch promises to give back time to the wearer through its ease of use, and subsequently becomes a replacement for the daily watch, this will infact very well cause huge pressures on the swiss watch industry.

Comment Indian usage (Score 1) 253

I think what this entire debate is ignoring is the fact that indian usage of power correlates directly with how hot it gets.

The area of concern gets to 40C during the summer time, and with air conditioners running at full blast, its eats up a lot of power.

My bigger worry is that despite everything, a lot of the planning and monies dedicated for this project will get eaten through the pipeline.

The only power capacity India has really added in the past few years to the grid,except for individual gen-sets, is wind power. India has not been able to really add large power plants due to one faction, protest, or corruption...

Comment Re: Wrong use of money these days (Score 2) 356

My argument is the treasury didn't have to sell and take a loss. They could have left the stock on its balance sheet as stock.

The whole point of the bailout was to prevent a systemic collapse of the US economy. A GM failure would have probably caused losses upwards of 105 billion dollars of lost tax revenue (, which is paltry in context of the direct loss of 10 Billion.

The treasury would have had to sold it at 53 USD to break even on the stock. Today's price is around 41 USD. I don't think it would be unusual to see a move closer to 53, as long there is no major calamity in the general economy or through the performance of GM.

Comment Re:When I was a boy... (Score 1) 301

Lets say you owned a business that was returning 30% per year on the amount invested by you, why would you want a dividend? The best you can do with a risk free cash investment is 3-5% in the bank, if even.

In a vacuum if the continually resulted in a 30% return, it would be better to compound your money there.
The key thing is you need to buy stocks cheap ie as close to per share book value as you can.

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