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Comment Fair reward! (Score 2, Insightful) 723

... "Stating, For people who make a living out of creativity or in a creative business, there is scarcely anything more important than to have your rights protected by the law. Copyright exists to ensure that everyone in the creative world from the artist to the record label, from the independent film producer to the TV program maker - can choose how their creations are distributed and get fairly rewarded for their work." Hmmm... if the producers are "fairly" rewarded, why do the headquarters of records labels and TV broadcasters drive limos and swim in a pool of dollars, while the content makers -the real artists- usually live a miserable life (I'm not talking about those very well rewarded people who make porno-pop-music for the big guys of course). I hate the way greedy people try to disguise their cruel intentions through giving false credit to the poor.

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