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Comment IMO Android is very impressive. (Score 1) 378

I got a My Touch 3G for $99 on the "Oprah sale" about a month ago, I live in podunk and as such have yet to see a 3G connection... I 'opted out' of the data plan, so my TCO is currently much lower than the normal smart phone user. Why would I dumb down my smart phone, it has wifi... around here just about every public building has a public wifi access point (even the grocery store), I don't use my phone while I'm driving... so it has entirely been a non-issue. It is a good phone, a definite upgrade from my old flip phone. Even the weakest aspect of the phone (the camera) is an upgrade from my old phone... I got the phone before the 1.6 update was rolled out and the improvement going from 1.5 to 1.6 was significant. If that is any indication of what is in store when 2.0 is released, I'm flat out excited. Oh and the toys, the google star map alone is worth the price of admission... I have never been so impressed with a portable device, and I've had all sorts of smartphones shoved down my throat by employers (Windows Mobile and Blackberries mostly I guess, I've only played with friends iPhones and have yet to see any new palm devices). So I for one hope that Android really does take off, I know it has impressed me.

Comment Re:Original Blog Posting (Score 1) 219

I just discovered the 2D barcode.  I Just got an Android phone and it can read these in a blink.  Now I just ordered a pile of new business cards with QR's for my contact info on the back.  I think this is awesome, and am really surprised this is not used ALOT more.

Comment I know I want touch. (Score 1) 352

Lets see I have a touchscreen in my kitchen, (old 12" ELOtouch, SFF celeron, WIFI) for recipes, shopping lists, and watching my recorded TV/listening to music while in the kitchen.  Whole family loves the thing, and it just gets wiped off like the rest of the counter tops.  It does have a wireless keyboard with a trackball, but I don't think that has been pulled off the top of the fridge for a long time.

I have a Hitachi slate windows PC in the living room (can't get the fingerprint reader to work in linux), everyone in the family has a profile setup on it, and logs in with a finger swipe.  I use the thing for drawing all the time, and find it a really comfortable way to compute.  Of course for real text entry or coding work I still have to drag out a standard form factor laptop as using the onscreen keyboard is tedious and not nearly as fast as touch typing.  I do have a BT keyboard I could use with it, but standard laptops just have an ergonomic advantage for text entry.  My only real complaint about the slate is that it does not respond to finger input.  I love the pressure sensitive stylus and it does wonders in Alias Sketchbook, but it would be nice if I could 'smudge' pencil and move the paper around with my fingers... much as I would with a normal drawing pad.  On a funny note, I do still 'wipe away' the screen after using the eraser... like there are virtual rubber bbs on my tablet pc.

I've owned all sorts of various touch screen toys (Palm, PPC, TomTom) over the years.  One thing I can say for certain is that touch screen technology is starting to finally feel mature.

Finally I just picked up a 'MyTouch 3g' phone.  I just absolutely love the Android UI! Simple, fast and for what it is (a social communication device, or a phone with toys) perfectly suitable.  So around my home at least the "Touch revolution" started long time ago (the ELO Touchscreen is nearly 10 years old, tablet at least five), and I'm glad the rest of the world is starting to catch on.

~WTF is up with trying to format an okay looking post here... tryed plain text, html (including using tags)... I give up, at least the 'code' option at least picks up the carriage returns.

Comment Re:I'm not dead yet (Score 1) 576

Lets see; My PC has a 46" monitor, looks like a stereo component (read no association with work), it does require some brain effort to read the guide and choose a channel with the remote. But the fact that the wife can manage it, mean that it has to be pretty close to zero brain effort.

Of course because it is a PVR it is never shut completely off, so I would say normal 'boot time', that is the time it takes for it so wake from sleep is indeed faster than the power on cycle of the LCD TV connected to it.

Comment Re:I'm not dead yet (Score 1) 576

There *are* a lot of cards out there with a HDMI on them, more ever day. These cards also have an internal header to connect the video card to the SPDIF header on your motherboard (or other audio card with a SPDIF header). So they do indeed carry audio.


New Hydrogen Storage Technique 255

pwp writes to mention that researchers at the University of New Brunswick are reporting they have found a new method of storing hydrogen gas. The new method is able to condense hydrogen gas into a usable solid under mild conditions. "Hydrogen gas is typically stored under pressure in large metal cylinders, approximately four feet high. These cylinders are heavy and expensive to transport. Since they are under pressure, they also pose a safety hazard. 'We've reached a milestone with our ability to condense hydrogen into a usable solid,' said Dr. McGrady. 'The next step is to produce a safe, compact storage system for the compound that is both lightweight and affordable.' The research is expected to produce reversible hydrogen storage materials that can be processed into a powder for use in limitless commercial applications."

Blu-ray Disc Among Top Selling DVDs at Amazon 280

An anonymous reader writes "In a milestone for the next-gen disc format, the Blu-ray edition of 'Casino Royale' cracked the top ten on Amazon's DVD top sellers list upon its release Tuesday, peaking late in the evening at #8. Of course, the two-disc standard-def DVD still topped the chart at #1, but a strong showing for Blu-ray regardless."

World's First Lego Autopilot 108

zlite writes "What's the best way to create a UAV for less than $1,000? Use the new Hitechnic gyro sensor for Mindstorms NXT to create a Lego autopilot! This one can turn a R/C plane into a drone, keeping the aircraft level and returning it to the launch area. Add a Bluetooth GPS module and a microcam and you've got a fully autonomous surveillance platform."

Recording Multiple Inputs Over the 'Net? 49

TFGeditor asks: "Thanks to the advice of fellow readers from a previous Ask Slashdot, I now have a PC system optimally configured to produce professional on-air radio programs. Now I have a new problem: my radio co-host and I are in different cities located a few hundred miles apart. In order to give the show a real-time (i.e. 'live') sound, we need to somehow connect us so that we can produce a show complete with co-host banter, real-time interaction, and so on. I want it to sound as if we were both in the same studio. How can we do this? Will Skype or other VOIP applications do this without the result sounding 'tinny' (like a phone connection)? Are there other apps that will do a better job?"

MythTV Vs. TiVo, Round 2 337

Egadfly writes with a comparison of the open source MythTV and the highly commercial TiVo Series 3. "How different are the two systems' available remote control devices and their graphic interfaces when it comes to ease of use? Which product should you choose if your HD signal comes OTA or if you plan to use CableCARDs? And what software features (present and future) can you expect with each product? Will loopholes in FCC regulations and cable company encryption ultimately squeeze out MythTV and other open source players?"
Data Storage

Submission + - Dutch reject USB flash drive tax

Sandburd writes: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2007/03/13/dutch_reje ct_levy_on_usb_keys/ Dutch minister Hirsh Balin has rejected calls to levy a copyright tax on flash drives. The tax was proposed by the SONT (Stichting Onderhandelingen Thuiskopievergoeding) claiming that about 20% of the flash drives contains music and otherwise copyrighted materials. However after a heated debate the proposal was rejected by the minister.

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