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Comment what happened to "free tagging"? (Score 1) 49

Whatever happened to folks abusing the tagging system for comedic effect? There was a time when I got more enjoyment out of just reading the headlines & trying to guess what the tags would be before looking at them, and more lulz out of being pleasantly surprised to have guessed wrong.

I still see the odd 'donotwant' or 'whatcouldpossiblygowrong', I think - but it's not like the old days. Tags were fun, and google was there if you needed search.

btw - if you're wondering the relevance to this particular story, I say to you again: 'donotwant' and 'whatcouldpossiblygowrong'.

Comment other enforcement? (Score 1) 121

What "other enforcement"? o.k., presumably the FTC is doing other things with their time than just antitrust. But if you're talking about getting the largest enforcement effect for your tax dollar, wouldn't going after a huge company be a good buy? 1) big company = big effect (in $) on the market. 2) big company = big news = littler companies telling themselves, "Well, if google can't get away with it, than neither can we."

I'd be interested to see the actual numbers behind this comment. It smells to me like not just a case of maximum efficiency, but rather a total imbalance in the numbers. Either google is so huge that they can outspend the U.S. Government - in which case, um, antitrust? Or alternatively, it's code for, "We're stretched so thin that we genuinely can't do our job."

But, hey - limited government, right? Thank God we don't have fascist socialist muslim regulators preventing Google from coming up with yet another half-baked product that they abandon as soon as someone finds it useful.

Comment my lightbulbs are on the internet! (Score 1) 163

My primary objection (and others' as well, judging by the comments on this story) is having all my network-aware toasters and lightbulbs and whatnot connecting to systems outside of my house.

Does anyone know of an alternative with the same plug-it-in-and-it-just-works-ness, but with a more sensible scheme that lets me run without an internet connection? Or better still, with a single, secure internet-facing control, and everything else just talking in-house?

Secondary objection is that iirc (maybe just early versions), the Nest had no "dumb mode", where I could just set the schedule myself, preferably with a motion-sensor override in case I wake up or arrive home early. Again, is there a plug-and-play alternative that does this?

Ideal would be plug-and-play, but also scriptable via python or something in case I want to get fancy later on.

I know there are gajillion home automation standards / systems, and that I can roll my own from stone knives and bearskins - but honestly, it's overwhelming trying to sort through all the options. So please skip the "google it" style replies, if you can.

Comment Brilliant! (Score 5, Insightful) 162

Now, if only Slashdot had some sort of a system whereby submitted stories could be rated "thoughtful", or perhaps "not written by Bennett Haselton", thus preventing the front page from degenerating due to stupid, or offensive, or offensively stupid contributions.

Seriously - what is this, some sort of test to see how many screen-inches can be filled with the random bleatings of one jackass, before it impacts readership numbers? Like slashdot's version of the "cinnamon challenge"?

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