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Submission + - Microsoft, Xbox and the Wii-style interface. (arstechnica.com) 1

mediamonkey writes: Interesting article on Ars regarding a "new" interface system for the xbox, rumoured to be demo'd at E3. Ars states: "So what fits the description of the technology according to the leak? At CES last year we met with a company called 3DV that showed off a small Web-camera-like device that was able to detect movement and interaction in 3D space. We even played a boxing game that worked very, very well." Beyond gaming, the article suggests a new, revoloutionary, interface for all gaming and multi media functions from the console: "Even more impressive was the ability to control media functions with gestures. You could swipe your way through your movies, interact with pictures, change channels, all with a small camera and your arms. Imagine a Microsoft Surface--without the Surface." Will it be Minority Report in our front rooms from now on, or just another poorly-supported peripheral left to gather dust under the T.V.?

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