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Comment Re:And on a well-edited nerd news site (Score 2) 124

News for nerds. Any decent nerd knows what cyanogenmod is. If every term was explained in every article, nobody would want to read them. TFA also does not explain "Amdroid", "ICS", or "Android." Consider what a boorishly long article it would be if it did. CNN and Fox News don't explain the word "sequestration" or "murder" in every article. There is a certain level of understanding you expect your audience to have.

Comment Re:Oh, don't worry! (Score 1) 496

Not voting is stupid. It is simply accepting the status quo. If all the people who did not vote pecause they did not like the parties' choices, they could elect thier own (probably better) choice. The two-party system stays in power because of people like you.Nowadays with early and absentee voting, there is no excuse to skip voting.

Comment Re:we've had a few (Score 1) 242

because fibre is much easier to break/snap than copper. Same reason the company my friend works for who installs media distribution systems into Lufthansa aircraft don't spec it out with fiber lines.. they use CAT 7 with the TERA style ends, because an over-zealous mechanic is more likely to snap a fibre optic line with his zip tie than a copper line

What kind of installer would use zip ties on fiber? I do QC for the world's largest communications provider, and I would fail any install where that happened.

Comment Re:Low power wifi? (Score 1) 224

For untuned interference, like your cell phone trying to interfere with your TV, rejection is great.

Funny, but TVs are one of the most common places I hear the "brrzzzztt brrrrzzzzzt" from my GSM cellphone. When I have the ringer off, it's how I know I just got an SMS or someone tried to call me. Rejection not so hot, I think.

That's not coming in through the tv tuner. That interference comes from the audio circuitry on the TV not being properly sheilded - a pulsing relatively high power radio transmitter close to a non-linear circuit. GSM phones are the worst culprits because of the frequency range (800-900MHz).

Comment Re:so who won and what did they get? (Score 1) 398

That's not quite how it works.

OK. I have never played the game and I really don't understand what's going on in the video. but TFA states there were ~$25k in loss and damages. That is $25k that people paid EVE for (virtual) merchandise that they don't have anymore. Arms sales, even virtual arms sales, is a very lucrative business.

Comment Stop printing so damn much! (Score 2) 180

All these destruction plans ignore the obvious: why did you print it to start with? In my office suite we have ~15 printers and one medium size shredder. I see people print 20 copies of prestentations(in color), then notice an error and reprint the whole thing. People will print a 100-page PDF to skim it one time.

Comment Re:Sort of normal here in EU... (Score 1) 170

and it's part of social security here (of course you get to pay a couple EURs a month for the privilege). But I guess this over-the-top socialist expropriation of financial assets doesn't resonate with the you folks across the ocean... but it does qualify for a good bullet point in the "benefits" employment contract section. Yep, us european are decadent spoilt brats... :P

How much is a "couple euro" to you? My German brother-in-law pays almost twice as much for the "privilege" than I pay for my medical and life insurance combined. I have no co-pay when I go to the doctor while his is 20 Euro. My widowed mother-in-law's retirement check has decreased four years in a row and prices have increased. Decadent indeed.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 2) 405

For that much data, I'd recommend just keeping the original HD-DVDs and Blu-ray media for your "20 GB" files, and the original CDs for your "3 MB" files. We are helping someone back up his music and audio collection, aren't we? And they won't be pirated, will they?

The idea of re-ripping ~2400 assorted CDs, DVDs, and BR (total 15tb) really does not appeal to me. So- I back it up, even though I have every one of the originals. Just because you don't understand something is not a reason to assume the person is doing something illegal.

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