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Comment The best way... (Score 1) 849

The other day I had my laptop at a friends place. He doesn't have wifi, but there are at least 20 AP's that show up in this aparment complex.

One of them was completley unprotected, having the name "Belkin Gxxx" whatever the model was. Obviously the people plugged it in and just started using it.

I connected, checked my email, did the other small things I had to do. Then I tried logging into the router, as expected, the username and password were the Belkin defaults. I left it unprotected, but changed the broadcast name to

"Belkin lock up your shit"

Two weeks later I went back and I saw it again, this time named "Belkin says thank you" with WEP encryption.

Submission + - Google's Blogger output fails XHTML standards writes: "The headers generated by Google's Blogger web site assert it's output is complient with the "XHTML 1.0 Strict" document type definition. Well, John Walker tested it against that standard, and discovered even the simplest Blogger page fails with 73 errors. Walker comments:

...whatever standard you choose, you should be willing to be held to it, and in this case the blogging platform used by tens of millions of people falls flat on its face. Personally, I would be stone ashamed to ship something in this state. That Google, with what amounts to unlimited funds in our talent-constrained industry, plus the putatively smartest and certainly most smug technical staff, contents themselves with this is perhaps an indication that before expounding on issues of good and evil, one should first address the more mundane matter of competence.

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