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Comment President sending wrong message (Score 1) 747

Despite any valid points that may follow, All I see here is "Our President" trying to send the message to the Muslim Population that we are punishing this man and "are sorry" for his Infidel behavior. Thanks the wrong DAMN message! The correct message is: Here in America we treasure freedom and many Americans gave there lives for it. We feel the childish knee-jerk killing and rioting within some of your societies as a result of watching or hearing about something that offends you is evidence of your adolescence. Most Christian by contrast argue by acts of love, we are indeed offended by much in society and see it as an opportunity to pray for and help those individuals and understand there is sin in the world. We don't kill them! This guy has some problems, he needs help, I am glad that the law did its duty. I just wish our President would.

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