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Comment Re:Charge Apple with contributory neglegence? Morr (Score 1) 152

Being charged with something and being convicted are two completely separate things.
Law enforcement almost always charges kids with the maximum knowing full well that when it gets to court it will be plea bargained to a misdemeanor.

In all likelihood this kid's parents will be required to pay damages ~$3000ish and the kid will get 120 hours of community service and a year or two probation.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 331

What designer originally came up with the idea that light grey, 8 point text in a thin font on bright white background was the height of sophistication? And how did this idea spread???

Probably the same idiot that changed the color scheme on recent versions of Waze. Night mode in Waze is absolute shit now. Completely unusable without at least 3x more visual effort and/or putting the screen directly in front of you. (yeah, great idea while driving) Just like the new shitty websites Waze has a brighter gray background with thinner roads of a slightly brighter shade. I'd like to punch that guy!

Comment Re:Reasonable People Distrust Computers (Score 1) 270

It's going to be a long road for sure and people will die.
What car accidents in the future will likely look like

In this scenario a bus blows out a tire, crashes into the railing. The advertisement on the side of the bus and the angle it is offset to the oncoming cars creates a rare condition where both optic and radar are unable to discern a problem until it's too late. Due to government regulations and agreed upon decision scenario standardization the computer decides it is best not to strike the side of a bus but instead to swerve off to the side of the road. Since the location of the accident is on a blind curve car after car continues to drive off of the ramp onto cars piling up below.

This is a worst case scenario sure. But accidents will happen and will help us understand problems and prevent future accidents. Just like with the airlines this will become more and more rare with the benefit of saving 1,000,000 plus lives per year.

Comment Re: $300 or $400 for map update (Score 2) 310

The system in my 2012 Civic is like this. When I drive through a 3/4 long tunnel my phone immediately stops tracking movement but the system in the Honda continues. I just assumed it had a better antenna or something, but even when making the slightest turn at a slow speed the navigation display moves fluid where as on my smartphone oftentimes it can't tell what direction I'm going until I've driven 50ft or more. But It's still a piece of shit and I never use it other than looking at a map as routing sucks and it is completely worthless as a navigation aid while the vehicle is moving due to operator restrictions imposed by the manufacturer.

Comment Can we sue Honda too? (Score 1) 292

The navigation system and most other functions in my 2012 Civic are useless when the car is moving making the crappy voice recognition more distracting and dangerous IMO. Other models have a hidden 'operator restrictions override' function but in this model they went out of their way to make it impossible.

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

If you want to send a "fuck you" to the whole system, why the he'll are you voting for anyone running with an "R" or a "D" after their name? They only way to take down the system is to tell the parties you aren't beholden to them any more.

I take it you haven't watched any of the primary debates or the Republican Convention.

Trump beat the living shit out of the Republican party. He is the biggest "fuck you" the party and the establishment has ever dealt with and are still dealing with. If you've only been getting your information from the media then you are probably not aware of the revolution that is taking place.

Here's a sample of what's been happening over the last year and half and why so many people are behind him.
Trigger warning: viewer discretion advised

Comment Re:Ignored Messages (Score 1) 209

AT&T is the worst. They are on my permanant shit list along with DirecTV, Vonage, and Sprint.

I was house sitting for my boss and taking care of his pets while he went on vacation a while back. He knew that I frequently called my GF in Dominican Republic so he said to feel free to use his land line while he was away but not to spend more than 2 hours per day.

Well... The first night I called and talked for about 1 hour then the line disconnected. It happens sometimes, the phone company in Santo Domingo isn't exactly the best quality. It still had a dial tone and I could call my cell phone ok just not her, The next night I noticed that the line was still not working so I tried line 2 (he had 4 lines total). After about an hour the same thing happened. Hmm weird, maybe there is something wrong with the lines at my bosses place. He does live 45 min outside of the city maybe there's an outage or something. There was a big storm the other night. This continues each night until all four lines stopped connecting calls to my GF.

On the way home from his vacation a family member passed away so when he arrived back home he needed to place lots of long distance calls to friends and relatives urgently. Of course none of these calls were connecting on all 4 lines. He calls the phone company and they direct him to AT&T. AT&T tells him that a billing issue has blocked the outgoing calls and that he needed to pay $2800 before they would restore service. He was not happy. He assumed that I spent the entire time on the phone when in reality it was not more than 4 hours. At the time Sprint was charging $0.55/min and MCI charged $0.35/min. A reasonable human would have expected AT&T to be a tiny bit competitive and maybe charge $0.80 or $1.00 at the most. Nope. AT&T charged $12.00 per minute. They were nice enough to terminate the connection when each line reached $700 but they would not negotiate the price one bit. They weren't in a hurry to restore service after payment either. Cellular long distance was terrible back then or non existent.
He was pissed off, but knew he couldn't really blame me. I felt bad and agreed to help pay it.

Comment Re:Saving face? (Score 1) 218

Any computer vision system that does not use LIDAR as its primary sensor does not belong in a vehicle capable of causing harm. Each death that has occurred in autonomous vehicles thus far is due to inadequate sensors being used.

I am baffled that someone really thought it was a good idea to install these on production vehicles knowing these limitations.
I haven't looked, but I'd imagine that even Mobleye intended for these to be installed in vehicles.

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