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Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 566

Bankruptcies are a method used to reorganize a business in financial duress. Businesses that succeed only do so by taking risks. These risks don't always work out and often times lead to restructuring and trying something else. Without bankruptcy this would be much more difficult and less businesses would take risks.
Someone that has a controlling interest in 500+ businesses with only 6 bankruptcies tells me that they are extremely successful and knows much more than most what they are doing.

Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 1) 542

Part 2 would have been fine if they did a different part 3. I was convinced and excited at the prospect of a layered reality. We had the kid give the bendy spoons to Neo, Agent smith downloading himself into someone living outside of the matrix in Zion (HTF is computer code supposed to run in a human brain anyway?). Then at the end when lightning bolts shot out of Neo's hands and destroyed the sentinels there was no way at this point he was not still in some type of matrix.

Sadly when part 3 came out all it did was double down on a stupid plot. Both movies on their own are good if the other had a different plot, but instead they both ruin each other and do not exist IMO.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 218

If I travel in a Uber car, a paying fare, I am not covered at all, not even by the local mandatory third party insurance. A potential disaster.

Uber does carry insurance for passengers covering them as you say every way from Sunday. It even goes further by offering unlimited coverage for injuries or death.

I'm no fan of Uber, I think their corporate culture sucks. But they have covered their asses very well as far as insurance for passengers is concerned. They don't give two shits about their drivers though.

Comment Re:Remember when Apple went full USB? (Score 1) 332

PS/2 ports use a dedicated hardware interrupt. USB is shared among many other devices and can get backlogged. I connect my mouse to the PS/2 on this motherboard just so my cursor doesn't bounce around when I'm rendering something on all cores in the background while browsing the web. I'm sure some gamers find this useful too.

Comment Re:Obvious solution (Score 2) 391

You are not obligated to pay the mortgage or car payment. Nobody is forcing you to do this. The police are not going to arrest you if you walk away from it like they do in other countries. From the sounds of things you got divorced and have to pay child support. Well, so does every other American when they do the same thing. Tough shit and welcome to the club! Do what every other screwed over American does. Declare bankruptcy and walk away from the house and nice car you can no longer afford. Drive a beater and rent an affordable apartment until the kids grow up. Save money, spend the next few years taking up new hobbies and reevaluating your life choices. And for the love of God, spend quality time with your kids when it's your time for them!

Comment Re:The apology is enough to make you vomit. (Score 1) 187

Character is indeed an important attribute to good leadership. Something the valley seems to be lacking more and more.

No matter what he says or how many PR firms he enlists it will not change who he is at his core.
Thoughts lead to actions, actions repeated over time lead to habits, habits build character. This is not something that can change on a whim.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1, Insightful) 920

If you paid them to say it in the first place, then yes. Pretty bad. Read the story more closely.

Don't read the story, it's obviously fake news designed to generate fake outrage to drive up profits and harm competition. How about watching the actual video in context and activate a few critical thinking brain cells. This whole thing is a non-story.

I didn't know who pewdiepie was until this MSM fake news curb job but I went to his channel and played his videos in context and found nothing wrong with what he did. I don't particularly like the guy, annoying a hell but I will stand up for him against this new reality. MSM today is generating fake outrage for profit at any cost.
The quicker we tune them out the better.


Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 1) 187

That would be a wonderful world to live in for sure. But the world you describe probably demanded a sacrifice in the pursuit of knowledge and perfection like we on planet Earth are attempting now.

Until some alien from a perfect world gives us a flash drive with all of the necessary knowledge we will have to figure it out ourselves. There is not other way around this. People are going to die. Even if we shedded ourselves of all technology, people are still going to die. It's been happening since the dawn of mankind.

There's an interesting documentary series on netflix right now the shows how this progress works in the aviation industry. It's called Air Disasters.

Comment Re:Options (Score 5, Interesting) 503

I think it goes further in that Microsoft is most likely intentionally sabotaging Windows 7. It seems that almost every Windows 7 computer I encounter has svchost.exe fully consuming a CPU core and consuming massive amounts of memory for no reason other than a failed update. This slows down the computer, consumes more energy, and makes it less secure because Windows Update is stuck in a perpetual loop. It isn't just one particular update causing the problem either, but several making correcting the issue tedious and often making the only solution to completely disable Windows Update.

Check for yourself, open task manager as an administrator on any Windows 7 computer and more often than not you will see svchost.exe consuming a full CPU core and 1GB+ memory. Disable the Windows Update service and BITS and the problem goes away.

I'm not at all surprised, updates to XP tended to cause problems when Vista came out. Micosoft's greatest competitor tends to be themselves.

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