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National ID Cards Mandated in the US, If You're Under 50 869

charleste writes "CNN is reporting that the US Homeland Security Department has mandated Real ID for drivers licenses. According to the article, this will not include a 'chip', but a list of options by state. Despite legislation passed in various states and objections by groups such as ACLU, this appears to be a done deal. Without one of the new IDs you will be unable to board a plane after 2014 if you are under 50."
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Submission + - SPAM: Army set to deploy helmets with blast sensor tech.

coondoggie writes: "The US Army this week said soldiers will this month start using helmet-mounted sensors that will detect and measure impact blasts from roadside bombs and other potential head-trauma inducing activities. The sensors, also known as dosimeters, gather data on impacts ranging from a dropped or kicked helmet to a vehicle crash to a nearby weapon firing or explosion, the Army said. To download the sensor, a soldier simply connects it to a computer using a USB port, hits "save" and sends the data to a secure database. They measure two specific actions: the energy wave generated by and explosion or other jolt and the acceleration that follows. In the short term, data collected through the sensors is expected to help the Army improve the helmets and other protective equipment it provides its soldiers, the Army said. Ultimately the Army wants to use the sensor data to help diagnose traumatic brain injuries. [spam URL stripped]"
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Feed Science Daily: Autism Risk Higher In People With Gene Variant (sciencedaily.com)

A new study strengthens evidence that a gene, CNTNAP2, is involved in autism, and suggests that the link is strongest when a variation in the gene is inherited from moms, rather than dads. The gene encodes a protein that's known to mediate interactions between brain cells and that appears to enable a crucial aspect of brain-cell development. A gene variant that altered either of these activities could have significant impact.


Submission + - TSA corruption led to insecure "No-Fly List (presscue.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Transportation Security Administration's "No-Fly List" redress website had multiple security vulnerabilities due to corrupt officials awarding a no-bid contract to an incompetent contractor, a Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigation found. The TSA official who was the "Technical Lead" on the website project and acted as the point of contact with the contractor had an apparent conflict of interest and he was a former employee of Desyne Web Services and regularly socialized with Desyne's owner, the investigation uncovered.

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