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Comment I run an open wifi (Score 1) 109

I have been running an open wifi for 4 years now with multiple access points covering my neighborhood corner which gets a good amount of pedestrian traffic. A typical month I'll get 225 unique visitors and about 35 unique visitors per day. Four years ago it was common for people to pop email and send passwords in the clear. Nowadays with all the new devices almost everything is end to end encrypted. I doubt Avast got anything more than device ids and dhcp names and of course all the destinations a device hit. Windows boxes however can be extremely chatty and for some reason not know they're connected to a foreign network.

It would be funny to learn the percentage of devices accessing porn. I heard Republicans consume more porn than Democrats.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 145

Awhile ago I became a member of this site for a year.

The reviews read like Penthouse Forums and they list prices and contact info for the women. The easiest way to contact a prostitute you like from a review is by going through one of these agencies to verify you're not a cop or a serial killer. IIRC agencies used the term switchboard when describing their process but there are different ways to verify you if you prefer them not to call your office. I can't vouch for the site now but it was a very interesting read many years ago. Prostitution needs to be legal.

Comment Re:Well (Score 4, Insightful) 304

a statistical fact that black males ages 14-17 are more than 10 times more likely to end up in prison for the same drug "crimes" than white teens committing the same offense. This is due to the *fact* that the color of their skin makes them more likely to get pulled over, then searched, then indicted, and then convicted.

Read this:

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