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Comment Why can't I bring shampoo on an airplane? (Score 1) 99

Any terrorist could turn a laptop into a bomb much more devastating than the guy who set his pants on fire or the shoe bomb that fizzled out. Why hasn't this happened yet and why hasn't DHS put a ban on all electronic devices with batteries on airplanes? Why can't I bring shampoo or toothpaste in my carry on but a lithium battery is fine?

Comment Does Microsoft keylog now? (Score 1) 68

Microsoft will need to log every keystroke to do something like this. They will have your usernames, passwords, and security answers to secure sites like banks. Is Microsoft doing this now with Windows 10 to collect data for this kind of "feature?" Is there any way to guarantee an OS is not doing this?

Comment There are many ways to prevents this (Score 1) 140

Web browsing, email, and other non video streaming apps take a trivial amount of bandwidth. I allow video streaming on my open wifi for about 10 minutes and then traffic control kicks in making streaming not very pleasant for that user but regular Internet access still works for everyone. Users eventually get with the program and realize they can watch short Youtube videos or stream music all day long but they can't watch Netflix or porn all day. It doesn't matter if it's Netflix or porn anyway.

Comment Re:Moderators are the opposite of free speech (Score 1) 465

During the 1994 baseball strike generated over a thousand posts per day, many of them much more informative than what you read in newspapers or watched on TV about that situation. Today there are 0 posts per day. It died because the web is much easier to use. I have yet to come across a web comment system that implements the Usenet KILL file properly.

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