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Comment Re:How Long Until M$ deliberately breaks this... (Score 1) 218

you have no say about it unless you yank the plug out of the wall or wipe the drive and install something else.

It doesn't have to be that drastic. Whitelist IP ranges you need on your Windows box at an external firewall. Do most all your browsing/networking in a VM. The Windows 10 side will never be able to phone home again. No telemetry, no forced updates, and you have reigned in the beast.

Comment IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are garbage (Score 1) 480

As a movie buff I like the IMDB site but their ratings make no sense. For example, the recent remake by Disney of "A New Hope" using a female lead was thoroughly trashed with one star ratings on IMDB. Reading them was as entertaining as reading Monster Cable reviews. IMDB gave it an 8+ rating overall. There is no possible way that wasn't fabricated. In order to rate a movie you have to write a review. I doubt any of these trolls can put together a single grammatically correct sentence let alone form a coherence thought. Their written reviews would make it obvious they probably didn't even see the movie. Rotten Tomatoes is just as bad making up numbers to promote certain movies Hollywood needs support -- like that billion dollar reboot of the Star Wars franchise.

Comment Re:AKA "Obama favored US!!!!" (Score 1) 126

If you are unable to see how incredibly anti-consumer this move is, and how badly it will directly hurt *everyone* except ISP shareholders,

I have a friend who lives for every word Rush Limbaugh spouts. He knows nothing how the Internet works or what net neutrality is other than it's big government squashing the common man and as soon as net neutrality is abolished his cable rates will go down. You can't argue with people like that and Limbaugh has legions of followers who truly believe this. If killing net neutrality brings a dystopian Internet perhaps that will be enough to break up these ISP monopolies like what happened with AT&T in 1984. That could be a silver lining. There is no need for net neutrality regulation with a truly competitive ISP marketplace.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

You're off by 2 orders of magnitude. The US defense budget is in the $600B ballpark and the US GDP is in the $12T ballpark. This makes the defense industry 5% of the total GDP. Although the Military Industrial Complex has roots in every Congressional district, it's hard to justify making new bombs when you have all these bombs sitting in storage. The US needs to drop bombs on something to keep everything moving.

Comment My cameras need no security (Score 1) 46

They are on a separate network and none can be accessed from outside that network. They ftp alarms to an ftp server which then does whatever is needed with those files. I would prefer a camera that only needs a username and password to get to the config panels. Nobody can get to my cameras unless they have physical access to the network. Security for IoT does not have to/nor can it be done at the device level.

Comment Re:And Microsoft gives not a single shit... (Score 1) 261

The EULA absolves them of problems with software upgrades but it shouldn't absolve them from hijacking your computer whenever they want to do them without consent. Lack of consent is what makes Microsoft liable in many instances. They may have the best lawyers but corporations lose a lot of suits far less worthy than this. It's only a matter of time.

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