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Comment My cameras need no security (Score 1) 46

They are on a separate network and none can be accessed from outside that network. They ftp alarms to an ftp server which then does whatever is needed with those files. I would prefer a camera that only needs a username and password to get to the config panels. Nobody can get to my cameras unless they have physical access to the network. Security for IoT does not have to/nor can it be done at the device level.

Comment Re:And Microsoft gives not a single shit... (Score 1) 261

The EULA absolves them of problems with software upgrades but it shouldn't absolve them from hijacking your computer whenever they want to do them without consent. Lack of consent is what makes Microsoft liable in many instances. They may have the best lawyers but corporations lose a lot of suits far less worthy than this. It's only a matter of time.

Comment Re:And Microsoft gives not a single shit... (Score 1) 261

The government won't touch Microsoft. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit. If a table saw manufacturer decided to disable your table saw while on the job causing you to idle part of a construction site the $$$ damages can be calculated. If Microsoft decides to take control of your laptop which is your property right before a big sales presentation that can lead to loss of $$$ for your company. If MS gets sued for a couple billion they won't be so arrogant. Where are the ambulance chasers when you need them. :-)

Comment Why is this an FTC issue? (Score 1) 72

So D-Link has buggy insecure code. Can't the marketplace correct for this? Do I care if someone gets the live feed of my camera watching my front door? No. When will the FTC go after Comcast and AT&T for abusing their monopoly status? Or how about Microsoft for spying on me without disclosing what they're doing and upgrading and rebooting my PC without my consent? Why do those companies get a free pass?

Comment Re:Windows 10 Enterprise Buyer's Club? (Score 1) 102

A better approach is for some lawyer to organize a class action lawsuit against MS and sue the shit out of them where a judge mandates they stop forced updates/reboots and machines whose owner does not want it to reboot on all editions (default opt out, ask opt in). Messing with someone else's property is unethical and possibly very illegal. The telemetry they send is described here: https://technet.microsoft.com/... A note at the end states this:

Microsoft does not intend to gather sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, email addresses, or other similarly sensitive information for Linguistic Data Collection. We guard against such events by using technologies to identify and remove sensitive information before linguistic data is sent from the user’s device. If we determine that sensitive information has been inadvertently received, we delete the information.

They admit that they might accidentally harvest your bank's username and password but are magnanimous in that they will toss that info into a bit bucket. This has got to be very illegal but MS seems too big to prosecute and can now do whatever the fuck it wants.

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