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Comment Re:TrueCrypt is your friend! (Score 1) 164

Credant: (FDE = Full-Data Encryption, not Full-Disk Encryption). Policy-based, rock solid server-side admin, you encrypt exactly what you want and no more. Don't want to encrypt files saved by Notepad? Want to encrypt External Media? Look to Credant. Until I found Credant I was pulling my hair out over Guardian Edge's (Symantec Endpoint Encryption) Full Disk Encryption solution. I just couldn't get the central administration working, and deployment without imaging was intolerable. Fortunately we did not purchase the GE/SEE product before we saw Credant. For banks, where specific (read: GLBA, FDIC, SOX) compliance is required, open source encryption solutions are not easy options. Auditors love to gum up the works causing costly delays when they hear the words "Open Source". And Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) causes many headaches, not the least of which is the inability to run disk utilities (chkdsk, spinrite) without screwing up the encrypted volume, and the impossibility of using standard image-based deployment tools (Altiris, Ghost, WIM, etc). Example: Symantec purchased the FDE solution from Guardian Edge, calling it "Symantec Endpoint Encryption" (SEE). Administration is based on Windows Group Policy, which sucks in a disconnected environment (laptops) We use Credant. It's policy-based, runs just as well disconnected as it does connected, and provides full compliance reporting.

Comment What of Tegra? (Score 1) 115

Is Tegra dead then? It sure was promising... I have been waiting for nVidia to come out with retail items equipped with Tegra since Q3 2008. Atom + Ion seems a direct threat to Tegra. I waited as long as I could for Tegra, but due to need and desire I ended up with an iPhone. All I can find are the original plugs for Tegra technology: "The first NVIDIA Tegra 600 Series-based devices are expected to begin shipping in mid-2009".

Comment Re:I'll tell you why ... (Score 1) 936

I set my WRT54GL 1.1 Tomoto to reboot every night at 2AM. I also reboot myself every night by sleeping. I have an uptime of around 66% -- that's how long I'm not sleeping every day. When I'm sleeping I don't mind that my router takes a 49-second reboot siesta every night. My router has an up time of 99.94% based on that single daily reboot. Is that so bad? Every morning I know that my router sneezed -- but so what? It /never/ sneezes unless I tell it to. Planned down-time is a damn sight better than unplanned downtime. I'm not sure that the Internet can do much better than 99.94% daily uptime. Every day I have to reload at least one web page -- and I have to do that manually! A $69 router that works with Tomato/dd-wrt firmware as if it were a $800 router? It's amazing that it works at all at that price point. I don't mind a planned reboot. I suppose I could try a weekly reboot, or monthly. The point is that I don't have to touch the damn thing. I plan for a 49 second outage, and it doesn't hurt at all.

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