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Comment Re:Headline should say... (Score 1) 786

While, your post sounds reasonable and well thought out, I don't agree with the one major assumptions. We are not changing the world by minuscule amounts, we are drastically changing it. All previous mass extinction events happened before we evolved into our current form. The current mass extinction event is caused by us. A word with a wonderfully diverse ecosystem sounds much more interesting to live in than a world with humans, cockroaches, farm animals, corn, and soy beans. Yes, my limited biodiversity list is an exaggeration, but it isn't that far off from the truth.

Comment Re:Darn... (Score 1) 367

Actually, Belize is amazing and safe. I went there for a three week honeymoon. My wife & I toured almost the entire country. The rain forest and scuba diving were amazing -- I'm hoping all the recent tourism money has been used to helped preserve those areas. All the people were extremely nice and helpful. We also visited Orange Walk for a couple of hours. That was the one place which felt a little sketchy.

Excluding my dengue fever experience, that vacation stands out as the best of my life. We were there during the election cycle, so we heard a lot about the two parties: UDP and PUP.

Comment Re:Great, still doesn't fix the Houston problem. (Score 1) 494

Don't generalize about all cyclists. I agree there is a problem, but I just want to ride with my group (or solo) and _not_ get killed. None of us think we own the road, but we do believe we have a right to ride on roads. On shoulders we'll ride side by side. On roads with no shoulders, most of us are smart enough to ride single file. Generally, we'll yell out "Car back" to let anyone who isn't riding single file know that they need to move over.

I follow the rules of the road and yell at cyclists who don't. Of course, I used to also yell at drivers who would risk my life, but now I just try to calmly explain what they did to risk my life -- if I can catch up with them. After all, it is only my life they are risking.

The anecdote above really bothers me as well. They should have paid their tickets, since they violated the law.

Comment Re:Even better idea (Score 3, Informative) 200

D) Actually, there are, but it has less to do with eating it and more to do w/ the terms of use imposed by companies like Monsanto/ADM. Primary, you can't use any of the seed from your own field to plant in the following year. You always have to buy the seeds again. Then say you are a farmer who has a field next to another farmer who uses genetically modified crops that, somehow, cross pollinate with your crops. If Monsanto tests your crops and finds their genetic markers, you are screwed. I won't even go into the problems with our monoculture of food production.

Comment Re:This is Bullshit (Score 0) 199

I consider myself a tree hugger and, yes, in a sense, the companies should be responsible for the cost of their products on society. Do I think PC manufacturers need to be involved in the recycling of their electronic gadgets? No. Do I believe they need to pay to cover the disposal cost of those goods? Absolutely. Granted that cost will be passed on to the consumer, but that is what needs to happen.

Where does this BS end? McDonalds to be held responsible for the recycling of cups and bags? GM to be held responsible for the recycling of their cars?

It is not BS, it is being a responsible citizen. In the case of McDonalds, they could provide a simple means for people to separate out their recyclable stuff from the non-recyclables -- trash bins and recycle bins in the stores. They could also offer a 5cent discount if you bring your own bag or cup. Can't offer much input on cars, but it I assume much of the car's metals are already recycled and put into new cars/products.

The goal is not to punish the companies/producers. The goal is to provide an incentive to improve environmental practices.

Comment Re:Air quality is for socialists. (Score 2, Insightful) 272

I enjoyed your post... your naivety is so sweet :)

The kind of freedom I am into is freedom for the individual. You are free to do whatever you want as long as it does no unwanted harm to others.

It is a great ideal!

So corporations are also free as long as they do no harm to individuals. Iron Fists are excluded. And the free consumer is educated as to what the corporations are doing, and will "vote" with his wallet where he wishes to do business.

So corporations who violate these principles will find themselves out of business before long.

This assumes perfect knowledge. Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the system and we, the people, do not have anyway to find out about their shenanigans unless there is someone looking out for our interests. I would argue, the most efficient way to take care of this is via government oversight. I'm not saying it will work, but it seems like the best way to go.

You are making a lot of assumptions on the time people invest in researching a company before buying their products or using their services. I'd say most users of a company's products/services base it solely on price.

So everyone is free to do what he or she wants. Free to marry and engage in consensual relationships, free to do drugs, free to have sex, free to do whatever as long as it does no harm.

These freedoms do sound reasonable, but how do you quantify harm? Fine, take LSD. But then what happens if you end up schizophrenic? I would say you are now doing me harm because, we the people, as taxpayers, have to pay for your medical care. (I do _believe_ we have an obligation to assist)

There are good things and bad things with "big government" and regulation. You can't just assume "big government" == bad.

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