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Comment It's from China (Score 5, Informative) 143

http://www.macrumors.com/2012/12/20/ios-6-adoption-uptick-due-to-iphone-5-release-in-china-not-google-maps/ Ad network and analytics firm Chitika claims it has seen no significant increase in iOS 6 adoption in the U.S. and Canada. A company analyst believes the MoPub data (which was international, rather than domestic) we wrote about earlier today was affected by the recent launch of the iPhone 5 in China, rather than the release of Google Maps. This past weekend, Apple issued a press release bragging that it had sold more than two million iPhone 5 units in China over the first three days of availability.
Data Storage

Webhosting For A Large Art Project? 137

First time accepted submitter heleneleh writes "I'm in a class at school on Electronic Writing and for my final project I'm trying to upload the entire contents of my computer to a webserver that will preserve the directory structure (I plan on using rsync so that it is continually updated as my files change). I need about 500 GB of space, and I'm willing to spend some money, so I was hoping Slashdot could suggest a reliable hosting service for that type of project. Traffic shouldn't be too high, but the storage space and ssh access are key. If there's another way to do this, I'd love to know about it." I've noticed a lot of VPS providers charge almost nothing for processor time and RAM, but disk is still pretty expensive.

Comment Re:no website (Score 1) 151

no... just wanting to know there's some good old fashioned thought/planning other than throwing stuff into github. It's not an insult, I was just intrigued by the wanting to make a business out of it, but not any more details other than the sample of code. Knowing slashdot, you'd either be loved/hated for different reasons... and as someone who sees through that, I just wanted to make my own mind up.

Israeli Scientists Freeze Water By Warming It 165

ccktech writes "As reported by NPR and Chemistry world, the journal Science has a paper by David Ehre, Etay Lavert, Meir Lahav, and Igor Lubomirsky [note: abstract online; payment required to read the full paper] of Israel's Weizmann Institute, who have figured out a way to freeze pure water by warming it up. The trick is that pure water has different freezing points depending on the electrical charge of the surface it resides on. They found out that a negatively charged surface causes water to freeze at a lower temperature than a positively charged surface. By putting water on the pyroelectric material Lithium Tantalate, which has a negative charge when cooler but a positive change when warmer; water would remain a liquid down to -17 degrees C., and then freeze when the substrate and water were warmed up and the charge changed to positive, where water freezes at -7 degrees C."

Comment iSCSI (Score 1) 272

get an iSCSI device:
http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?segment=undefined&product_id=226 The Promise VessRAID series is currently available through distribution. Pricing starts at $1,899 for an 8 bay system and ranges to $3,099 for a 16 bay system. A fully populated 16 bay subsystem costs less than 26 cents per gigabyte, using enterprise-class 7200 RPM 2TB hard disk drives.
so basically, $2.6k for a unit @CDW, 16*$300 for 2TB hard drives (newegg)
total $5k for 32TB raw.

British Spy Agency Searches For Real-Life 'Q' 79

suraj.sun writes with this quote from the Associated Press:"Britain's domestic spy agency — MI5 — is hunting for its very own 'Q,' of sorts. MI6's sister organization, which carries out surveillance on terror suspects inside Britain and gives security advice to the government, is searching for someone to lead its scientific work. Projects could include everything from developing counterterrorism technology to tackling a biological or chemical attack. 'Looking for a chief scientific adviser to lead and coordinate the scientific work of the security service so that the service continues to be supported by excellent science and technology advice,' MI5's Web site ad reads. MI5 has long had a roster of scientific staff tasked with developing high-tech gadgets, but an official said the service now wants a high-profile figure to lead pioneering work in technology and science. The adviser's work will focus chiefly on creating sophisticated new tools to help security service officers carry out surveillance and analysis work, said a government security official, who requested anonymity to discuss the work of MI5."

F5 Fires Back On Open Source SSL Accelerator 120

Random Feature writes "In response to Build an Open Source SSL Accelerator, in which o3 magazine detailed how to build a solution comparable to an F5 BIG-IP 6900 on the cheap, F5 Fires Back claiming it's not as cheap as it appears and pointing out the potential performance implications of a 'cobbled together set of components designed to mimic similar functionality.' The discussion on the performance of the Open Source solution based on Opteron RSA operation processing capabilities brings into question the validity of the 'more SSL TPS for cheaper' argument presented by o3."

Submission + - tcpdump.org

An anonymous reader writes: What has happened to tcpdump.org? Only the google caches seems to be around. Looks like their name server is gone.... anyone know the story?

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