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Submission + - What is it you do, exactly?

pete writes: As a high school teacher who's fed up with his job, I'm pondering a future programming computers. Having majored in mathematics, my formal training is limited to a few semester classes of C. But, years later, I continue to code as a hobby. I take pleasure in obsessively working through the logical flow of my, admittedly simple, programs. My experience with the IT industry itself, however, is limited to repeated viewings of Office Space and brief chats with the AV guy at school. I have many questions for you all, but I'll limit it to two. What is it that you do, exactly? What is it that keeps you in the IT industry?

Submission + - Resources for teaching C to high schoolers?

mctk writes: "I'm a high school teacher who, disappointed with the lack of computer science in school, has promised to teach a few motivated students programming after school. As a enthusiastic novice with three semesters of C under my belt and a few side projects worth of experience, I feel competent yet ignorant. I would really appreciate suggestions for resources on C that are written to be accessible to high school students and contain lots of ideas for activities. Perhaps you've had success with a series of books that spans beginner to advanced? Do you have any activities you would recommend? How would you map a student's first year of coding? I welcome any and all suggestions. And while we're on the subject, is there a brace style that is most standard in the industry?"

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