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Comment Re:Coal workers (Score 1, Insightful) 504

Great comment. I hope it doesn't go on deaf ears. I'll add... For decades, the GOP has been convincing poor, white, religious, laborers to combat social programs designed to help the poor... and in turn, these poor, white, religious, laborers have chosen to gut the very system that is designed to help them.

Comment Twitter is Propped up by TV (Score 1) 105

IMHO, twitter has been propped up by the dying industry of live tv. Broadcasting companies took to Twitter as a way to engage with their audience, in realtime, as shows are aired. This helped to keep their dying business model a float with advertisers, as they could now show specific user counts (based on engagement). As a programmer, we've gotten a lot of goodies published which help to answer "twitter scale" issues. But honestly, I'll be glad when it's gone. While "web scale" is certainly a thing, there's been several years of praying towards Twitter without regard to the fact it hasn't made a profit in 10 years.

Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 1) 49

IMHO, it's more of a matter of MVP and first-to-market. There just hasn't been an emphasis on security, and that costs money and time. It's tough to get QA over releases. You're not wrong, there's certainly bad programmers and languages improvements help to protect buffer-overflows.

Comment A DevOps/Indie Developer's perspective... (Score 1) 199

This is a great topic and immediately grabbed my attention. A lot of it has to do with your resources. As an indie developer for the past decade, I've been working on software products in an DevOps environment as the sole employee. It's tough to keep on top of everything. Development, IMHO, is the most important thing as in a way, it's also your best marketing (a continually updated product shows a vested interest). I've been fortunate in that my software targets technical people (for the most part), but corporate environments can also very old-skool and like PDF and "manuals". To that end, I've started to use wiki-like blog postings to help describe UI elements and program functionality. With Wordpress and like products, it's very easy to put together a quick document with images/text and then link them via a "Help" button in the UI. There's an adage of the "cockpit test", if your software looks like an airplane cockpit, you should look at redesigning the software. There's also "people don't read documentation".. personally, I choose to spend my time in the UI and supplement it with quick documentation. I'm by no means perfect, and I have a stack of things to document via this method; but my hope is that I can stay on top of the UI work and allow that to answer my questions... then again, perhaps I'm old-skool and what I like is perhaps "dated" looking.. I use the hell out of the WinXP graphics pack from Glyfx (

Comment Tivo is very long in the tooth... (Score 1) 50

Tivo customer since 2001. I've never heard of QPASS. In all honesty, I can't stand the tivo UI anymore. A year ago I turned off the stupid tivo "blip" sound effects, it made a huge fcking deal. As of this week, my tivo UI was updated (finally) with a more modern UI. I have yet to see it flip back to the 10 year old Standard-Definition interface that they used forever. If there was a serious contender that didn't involve using Comcast's box or building my own, I'd do it... but then again, when the fck is everything going to stream? I have no need for comcast, except that content providers seem unwilling to figure it out.

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