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Comment F2 for Search (Score 1) 472

I can still (vaguely) remember the keystrokes for search, indent, blocking (selecting), copying, pasting, etc... for WP5.1 on DOS.. That was the best word processor I have ever used... I have a difficult time doing indents in Word even today.... Sadly, WP's user base for it has shrunk since Windows took over DOS.... I missed the Reveal Codes badly.. That's the feature that no other word processing software is able to replicate...

Comment Re:All That I use (Score 1) 242

I would say if it can "package some features" together into new options, it would be better. Eg, "top/bottom/left/right margins" into "narrow", "wide", "book"..., and double-clicking the top/bottom margin areas open up the header and footer edit.

ps: i love reveal codes too... but sadly, wordperfect is no longer popular nowadays...

Comment Will IE get the ribbon? (Score 1) 951

Before Netscape, buttons were small.
Netscape make it big, with icons and text in one button.
Then IE followed the same, and few iterations later, text goes to the side, and few iterations later, text gone again.
So, will IE get the ribbon? If MS is so adamant about ribbonizing, I expect IE to do the same.

Comment CTRL-F vs the mouse (Edit-Find) (Score 1) 567

People are just used to use the mouse to do all things... Only people like me (yeah, i am not young anymore) who have used Wordstar, WordPerfect, and all those programs in the old DOS days are more likely to still continue to use keystrokes combinations to do things...

and I seriously hate the Ribbon menu.. I believe the Button menu can do whatever the Ribbon does... don't understand why MS wants to change it...

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