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Comment No innovation? I wish! (Score 1) 342

My local theater has been innovating in recent years, contrary to Hastings' claims. Some of the changes have been good, such as the ease in buying tickets before arriving at the theater and ability to pick out assigned seats when purchasing tickets.

But most of the "innovations" are horrible. I don't mind (and would often partake) in food and drink at the theater. But unfortunately it comes paired with in-seat delivery during the movie. Waitstaff walking around the theater is a great way to ruin a movie. Always-on lighting ensure people can read menus, but they also completely defeat the purpose of having a dark room to show the movie. Why even bother turning the house lights down, if there's going to be a light on at every seat?

In case I've managed to get any enjoyment out of the theater experience up to that point, staff circulate to drop off the check about 10 minutes before final credits. AKA, during the climatic scene of most movies.

I'd be more likely to go to the theater more often if there hadn't been these innovations in recent years. As is it, I went out to see Cap'n America, and I'll likely get out for Dr Strange, and that will make this year an exception. Most recent years I go the movies once, if it at all.


Interviews: Ask Martin Shkreli a Question 410

Martin Shkreli has agreed to answer your questions. Shkreli is the co-founder of the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management, the co-founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of the biotechnology firm Retrophin, and the founder and former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Shkreli has been active on Twitter about a wide range of topics, including the 2016 presidential election. Most recently, he expressed interest in buying 4chan.

Ask him your questions here, and we'll post the full interview with Shkreli's answers in the near future.

Comment Re:Bribes in the tax returns? (Score 1) 46

And it's no mystery that if their numbers go down sufficiently they will lose their seats.

Actually, it's the very definition of a mystery, since this has never happened in recorded history. For you to claim the results of an experiment that has never been undertaken seems rather foolish.

YouTube Gets Its Own Social Network With Launch of YouTube Community ( 73

The earlier reports were right when they said YouTube was working on launching its own social networking service for content creators. Instead of the "YouTube Backstage" branding, YouTube has decided to call their social networking service "YouTube Community," which allows content creators to use text, GIFs, and images to better engage viewers. Given the controversy surrounding YouTube in regard to demonetizing videos that are not deemed "friendly to advertisers," many YouTube creators have been or are thinking about leaving the site and joining competing services. These new tools are designed to help keep creators from departing to competing platforms. TechCrunch reports: YouTube has been testing the new service over the past several months with a handful of creators in order to gain feedback. It's launching the service into public beta with this group of early testers, and will make it available to a wider group of creators in the "month's ahead," it says. Access to this expanded feature set is made available to the creators and their viewers by way of a new "Community" tab on their channels. From here, creators can share things like text posts, images, GIFs and other content, which the audience can thumbs up and down, like the videos themselves, as well as comment on. Viewers will see these posts in their "Subscriptions" feed in the YouTube mobile application, and can also choose to receive push notifications on these posts from their favorite creators, YouTube says." Only time will tell whether or not this new move will be better received than YouTube's Google+ integration...

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