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Journal Journal: Like Owen Wilson in Armageddon 7

So the Fuckhead Of The United States is having literally the worst first month of a presidential term and his big idea is a 2020 campaign rally in fucking Florida this weekend?

Oughtta just nuke the whole country, it's the only way to be sure at this point. Fucking Yanks.

Comment Can someone tell the folks over at Waze? (Score 1) 359

Their software not only has a preference for left turns, it seems to calculate that saving 1000 feet by directing you to a left onto a busy major road without benefit of a traffic light is quicker than driving those extra feet to an intersection with a traffic light, where you may wait for the light, but at least you're assured of getting in a left turn some time today.

Comment Re:hehe (Score 1) 6

Nice missing of the point there, again. I never said there wasn't a tantrum. I said you missed the point of the tantrum. Those three kids sure ain't sharpening your wits.

Comment Re:hehe (Score 1) 6

Are you forgetting or ignoring the fact that Congress has held up a Lame Duck's Supreme Court pick before?


So. Are you being dishonest or stupid?

Just too subtle for you apparently. I'm making fun of you for mischaracterizing Democrat anger. It has nothing to do with with his earlier confirmation. But that stops you from scoring an easy point, doesn't it?

BTW, good on you for doubling down on false equivalence. If you think Chuck Schumer's words are in any way comparable to, say, Orrin Hatch's, you're dumber than I thought.

Comment Re:Multicore for spreadsheets..? (Score 1) 224

I could tell you a story that would make you weep, but in the interest of brevity let's just say that sometimes you are Igor and you just do what Dr. Frankenstein says.

Nah man, dish up. Slashdot could use a good old-fashioned horror story from the trenches. Used to be common around here back in the day.

Comment hehe (Score 1) 6

Handily missing from this JE is any mention of Merrick Garland. But then your false equivalence wouldn't work, would it?

Comment Re:Nondisclosure agreement (Score 1) 435

Obviously, but your salary is categorically not allowed to be covered by NDA

Citation needed.

Because mine has been on several occasions.

Where are you that an NDA covers your salary? In the USA, where many folks involve a third party in preparing tax documents, not sharing your salary is impossible.

Comment Re:Just inflate history (Score 1) 435

The key is to getting a good salary is to know what your work is worth, what people are paying for your skills.

This is Hard to find out. Also, to persuade people in a negotiation you need to be able to get some kind of source to be able to prove your claims.

It also varies between local markets, and near as I can tell, there aren't even companies I can buy this information from....

I agree early in a career this information can be hard to find. But by mid-career (5 to 10 years in), in addition to the resources mentioned in other responses, you should know the market for your industry and profession. If everything else fails, at the very least you have been discussing pay with your peers, right? RIGHT?

McDonalds knows what Burger King charges for a hamburger. (Heck, they also know what they pay their employees.) You should know what the guy or gal in the next office or cube is charging for their hamburgers. As for difference between markets, that's why you're comparing notes with the folks around you. The idea that employees shouldn't share salary is a myth started by EMPLOYERS who don;t want you to have that information.

As for sources or proof...I'm the source. "I'll accept this position for the benefits as outlined and salary of $Z per year." The proof is if they offer less than $Z, I don't take the job.

Comment Re:I think it depends... (Score 1) 435

The lesson is to answer the _real_ question. When a hiring manager, or especially an independent recruiter, asks about your current salary or salary history, what they really want to know is, what are you looking for in _this_ position. And that's how I've always answered.

My most recent job search was coming from a employer known to pay below-market. But rather than complicate things with a response like, "I'm getting $X now but in my next position I'd like $Y," I'd just say "I'm looking for $Y."

But that also presumes I've properly assessed my position and am actually worth $Y on the market.

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