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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 33

The ACA was the largest government handout to industry in possibly the history of government.

That's a a very narrow view. Guess you're middle-class, huh?

The GOP would have happily voted in favor of it if only the white house were occupied by a republican; they opposed it because they didn't want a democrat to get credit for health care reform.

Events from the last 2 weeks would seem to undercut that argument quite a bit.

but the bill did largely the opposite of that.

There are, at minimum, 24 million of your fellow countrymen who think that argument is full of shit.

He gave the GOP the bill they wanted.

That's a bizarre statement to make, considering that not one single solitary GOP congresscritter voted for its passage.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 33

rather that the democratic response to it was

Yeah, HUAC sure was contentious at the time...

They were only allowed to be cowards from that point onward, even when they had "power".

I used to fall for that analogy, but really it's the difference between a party that believes that democratic governments are a good thing vs. a party that thinks the private sector ought to do everything but defense. But sure, they're cowards.

That doesn't change the fact that what was passed in 2009 was in no small part influenced by the Heritage Foundation and their own requirement for an individual mandate.

That's not what we're arguing here.

Except that Obama was willing to sign damned near any piece that crossed his desk,

Would love a cite on this considering everything that's been written about this topic ad nauseam is that this was an issue close to Obama's heart, and unlike Trump, him and his team spent an inordinate amount of time haggling and dealing with the Dems in Congress (and trying and failing same with the GOP side).

Are you suggesting then that the heritage foundation document on the heritage foundation server that calls for an individual mandate is somehow not the heritage foundation calling for an individual mandate?

Another point we're not arguing.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 33

I will point out that the GOP pretty well took control of the meaning of "Un-American" and applied it to everything they didn't like starting on Sept 12 2001

No no no. American conservatives have been calling American liberals all kinds of traitorous names since the late 40s. This has been going on the entire modern era.

The democrats wrote it to make the Heritage Foundation happy

Also incorrect. As I've pointed out numerous times, health care reform was a major topic of discussion during both of W's terms, as it was clearly understood that the current health system (both government and private) were headed for disaster. You then "lucked" out that Obama came in 2008 with an idea to make it his signature legislation. As for Obacamare being a lightly remixed version of The Heritage Foundation plan everyone loves talking about, they couldn't be more different.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 3, Interesting) 649

Water will stay clean, air will stay fresh, fewer industries will be crushed by pointless over-regulation

Your view is very short sighted, and quite frankly, contraindicated by reality.

The EPA and regulations like the Clean Water Act didn't just spring forth from some left-wing conspiracy. They were developed in response to real problems. Maybe people forget blankets of smog over major cities, trash lining major roads, rivers catching fire. The things we're talking about here are not luxuries, are not options. Air to breathe and water to drink are basic necessities.

Sometimes solutions outlive the problems they are intended to address and should be removed, but there's no reason to expect that to be true here. We continue to see people make short-sided decisions. I'd say "over-regulation" is a statement of opinion, I'm not going to argue your opinion, but "pointless" is a statement of fact, and you have your facts wrong.

As an analogy, it's easy to think vaccines are unnecessary or not worth their risk because, hey, when's the last time you saw someone with polio or small pox? But it's precisely that vaccines are so effective that you don't see those things.

So sure, we have for the most part air we can breath and water we can drink, but it's because of the EPA. And when the EPA goes away, so will those things.

Comment Re:Where is the Federal Criminal Probe on the CIA? (Score 4, Insightful) 236

Where was this "concern" when Hillary ran her unpatched and protected private email server that was "less secure than Gmail"?

Interminable congressional investigations and literal yards of MSM reporting on even the fluffiest of details? What, were you asleep or something?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

and how the ACLU would likely represent them

Two things:

1. Why are we now dealing with hypotheticals?

2. Your memes are all wrong. It's sell the cake, not bake the cake.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Wake me up when they take on a Second Amendment case.

Why bother when the NRA is already doing God's work? Seems like a waste of resources.

Even if we accept a limit of scope to the First Amendment, they seem to be a bit choosy. Religious liberty, for instance, always seems to get short shrift from them...unless there are Mohammedans involved.

This vague sentence means nothing without context.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Well, then senpai, school me. What makes a "nonpartisan, non-profit organization [6][7] whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States." so gosh danged radical? All I can see is an charity org that loves the constitution more than you do, and you're treating them like fifth columnists. Laugh all you want, but at least I don't have a perspective problem.

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