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Comment Re:An article in search of a problem (Score 5, Funny) 729

IRQ, DMA, address ranges. I'd like to see the author trying to install a modem and two sound cards into an old 286-era computer.

You didn't even mention dip switches and jumpers. Seesh.

Someone complaining about the difficulty assembling a PC today is like someone complaining about making cookies from a roll of pillsbury cookie dough.

Seriously. The author is "building" a PC the same way I "build" a pair of shoes because I have to lace them up myself.

(For the author: "laces" are things used to "tie" shoes for those of use who have progressed beyond velcro.)

Comment Re:IFTTT Explained (Score 1) 177

Tasker works without Android?

Last time I looked at it, it was a pita to use. IFTTT watches my Dropbox for images to appear in a particular folder (the auto-storage for my desktop business card scanner), picks them up, transfers them to a specific notebook in my Evernote account, then deletes the image in the original location. Took all of 2 minutes to set up. I can't say that for anything I've ever tried to get Tasker to do on my Phone.

I don't get it. So your scanner is set to place documents in place A. This utility moves them from A to B. Why not just set the scanner to place the documents in place B?

I read the summary and the wikipedia entry on this thing, and still can't figure out why'd I'd use it. Weather alerts? My weather app does that. Alerts for blogs I follow? Congrats, you've invented the RSS feed. Send an email when I use this twitter hashtag? If I want to send an email, why don't I just send an email instead of using twitter?

Seems like a toy to make some rube goldberg-type data flows--a tweet with this hashtag triggers a facebook post which triggers this upload to dropbox which triggers this picture being posted to instragram... Weee! Well, that burned 5 minutes.

Comment Re:Dig a hole in the back yard... (Score 1) 446

Just dig a hole in the back yard and place the USB key or whatever in a water tight container and fill it in.

So basically the same as I've done with half my life savings. Should I take half my data to the track and put it on the dog that does his business just before the race as well?

Comment Re:Stone Tablet (Score 1) 446

That's way too complicated and takes up way too much space.

I've simply encoded my data as a series of numerical digits. I then put a decimal to the left of the resulting number, creating a fraction. I then made a mark on a tungsten rod such that the ratio of lengths on either side of the mark is equal to the fraction.

As a recovery strategy I just need to measure the two segments to sufficient precision to recreate the original number. Easy peasy.

As a bonus I can store any amount of data, and my backups just take up the volume of the one rod.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 790

Stability Control is a superset of Traction Control. You can have Traction Control without Stability Control

Those two statements contradict each other. Do you mean SC is a subset of TC? If SC is a superset of TC, then you can have SC without TC, but not TC without SC.

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