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Comment Re:Direct link (Score 5, Interesting) 376

Actually that's exactly how it works. You don't call the police directly like you're reporting robbery though. Your lawyers see a judge and file charges and obtain a warrant. THEN the police get involved and go to the defendant and gather evidence. Those extra steps are required, in theory, to make sure that a crime is likely taking place before the police get involved. At some point a judge approved this raid before it happened. The plaintiff presented evidence to support their claim, had their i's dotted and t's crossed, got the warrant, and in came the cops. That's sometimes how civil cases go.

Well as far as the Finnish laws go, the investigating police officer can issue a search warrant for anyone's home if there is "a reasonable suspicion". Whatever this "reasonable suspicion" can be, is up to anyone's guess. No need for a judge just yet. This procedure shows just how rotten a police state this country has become.

Comment Re:Ah ah ah! (Score 0) 120

Assuming we are discussing about the same business offer that we have received, I said we would look into the matter and we would be in touch if such need arises. Now that you have taken a step forward to mock us and our decision publicly, I'm not so sure that your company is the right one when it comes to building a working business relationship. Nevertheless, I thank you for your interest and I wish you good luck into the future.

Comment Re:make it easy on yourself? (Score 2) 120

I got the impression that the CobraNet end was fine and operational, but the head end was buggy. Once the audio hits the line out, the job is finished. He needs multiple audio feeds which can be overridden with alternate audio (?) at regular intervals (park tours are beginning at the visitors center), and an option to override with alternate audio, either pre-recorded (boat to the mainland leaves the dock at 1900 hours) or real-time (emergency everybody-run-for-your-life-the-T-Rex-is-loose), on all or a selectable number of channels simultaneously.

Sounds like a real programming job!

You nailed it. The live 'emergency' paging is actually done in cobranet so only pre-recorded messages are required to play on trigger.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Overhauling an amusement parks multi zone audio player

mcmadman writes: The multi zone audio player I'm working with uses an almost decade old card/software combo that is prone to crashes and other anomalies. I would like to know if there are open source (read free), or other alternatives that would allow multiple simultaneous playlists played through the myriad of audio interfaces out there. The line outs are then plugged into a cobranet matrix which handles the distribution of the music/sound to their respective areas. I'm looking at 8 channels minimum, timed playlist start/stops and triggered announcements. So far the only software and hardware I've found are proprietary broadcasting solutions which tend to be a bit heavy on the wallet or meant for home use.

Submission + - European Parliament blocks copyright reform with 113% voter turnout ( 1

mcmadman writes: In a bizarre turn of events. The Legal Affairs committee (JURI), which has the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity and trustworthiness of the legal framework as a whole in Europe voted recently to weaken a reform of the copyright monopoly for allowing re-publication and access to orphan works. Pieces of our cultural heritage where no copyright monopoly holder can be located. What is surprising that the voter turnout happened to be 113%. This rather embarrassing issue was pointed out to the committee, the fact that there were three votes too many, and that these three votes determined the outcome. When this was done, along with formally requesting a re-vote, that re-vote on the points in question was denied.

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