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Comment Re: ALL telephones in Afghanistan ? (Score 1) 241

Not sure if you're joking, you are the one that said the US could be considered a 3rd world country. As another poster already replied to you, the US is 3rd in the world for number of mobile phones in use and that number is greater than the US population. I'm not sure if you're North American but if you think it would be profitable for any company to put towers out in the vast open expanses of the western United States, you're crazy. We have had universal landline access for most of the last century that provides the communication for people that choose to live in such remote locations. I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers since you fail to cite any of your facts, but I think your metrics are wrong.

Comment Re:This is Why Notch Dropped the Deal (Score 1) 151

It's not that VR is best suited for games, but the amount of money gaming enthusiasts plunk down in order to squeeze out a bit more performance probably makes gaming the best incubator for the technology to reach the price point that others can then also use it. If not gaming, then something related to sex they way it helped make VCR's mainstream, but FaceBook is likely to prevent that avenue.

Comment Re:Inaccurate the Security update fixes a ton of i (Score 1) 241

try right-clicking the "Upgrade to Mavericks!" and it will give a drop down option to hide the upgrade ;)

Oh and there is a version of Security Update 2014-001 for Mountain Lion. If your App store still doesn't show it you can go to and download/install manually.

Comment Re: compare water usage with "average"? (Score 1) 362

And farmers want to farm where it only (on a good year) rains for half or less of the year, so what's the difference? It's crazy that "free market" "get the government out of my life" conservative farmers in the US West want highly subsidized water so they can grow extremely water intensive crops, like alfalfa, in dry, often desert, locations. Its very possible to farm with much less water, for instance Isreal has reclaimed desert into farm land by using advanced techniques to stretch the water they use as far as they can, but US farmers have mostly up to now refused to invest in the technology as long as they get to pay much less for water than the other consumers.

Comment Re:Rand Paul is the only honest politician left. (Score 1) 380

Bush and the Republicans in Congress kept the 2 wars out of the Budget, refused to raise taxes for the first time during prolonged war, and passed Medicare Part D unfunded.

The deficit during Barack's 5 years has shrunk faster than any time since the end of WWII - all while coming into office during the biggest recession since the Great Depression, saved the American auto industry and dependent suppliers keeping people in jobs which prevented the tax base from decreasing further and help maintain the rest of the economy.

Comment Re:Rand Paul is the only honest politician left. (Score 1) 380

Bush passed Medicare Part D unfunded and then started 2 wars that were kept out of the budget (until Barack was elected) and then didn't raise taxes to pay for the wars which had never previously happened in American history, but yes keep believing Obama is spending more than Bush. Never mind that over the last 5 years we've had the fastest shrinking deficit since the end of WWII.

Comment Re:Why we have a 5th Amendment (Score 1) 871

Now, if you didn't know the address thing, and you gave an address different than your license, you'd be cited for the infraction.

California rarely re-issues new licenses until yours is about 12 or so years old and then makes you come in for a new photo, so I've spent most of my adult life with a license having a different address than my current residence. As long as you notify the DMV within 10 days with a Change of Address you're fine and will not run foul of the law.

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