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Comment Cross-reference former assistant IG at Pentagon (Score 1) 116

Take a look at this: where a former assistant Inspector General for the Pentagon claims whistleblowers were treated illegally. Neither the parent article nor that linked one inspire confidence in any DoD related Inspector General office.

Comment Re: I just want to know (Score 2) 538

A couple reasons that may overlap with others: 1) administrators getting bigger compensation, 2) regulations - there are whole units in colleges and uni.s dedicated to collecting and managing data and generating reports for federal and state agencies, private organizations (U.S. News), etc. - these are regulatory compliance jobs, not teaching, 3) student perks - nicer dorms, nice fitness center, better dining options (how many of you had a dorm with one big communal bathroom for the hall? Has any university built one of those lately?) all of which raise the cost of tuition, 4) related is the array of student services - staffing centers to support x, y, and z group or interest. 5) related to 2, policies and regulations have become so complex, we have to hire managers for things that faculty used to be able to handle as part of their jobs. I.e., distance education is heavily regulated so there is an office to manage it all now.

Comment Re:Thats a loaded question (Score 1) 406

Both designers and users share the burden to act ethically with technology. Engineers (or any designer) selects materials, tools, methods, goals, etc. and all these may involve moral/ethical choices. A blade may be designed for more accurate surgery or to inflict more pain when thrust through human flesh. Don't let the engineer off the hook. Users also bear the burden of selecting which technology to use and then how to use it. A MacBook (or insert your favorite gadget here) may be a well designed product but I'm sure I can find a way to kill someone with it.

Submission + - Lawsuit Against US Gov Alleges 60,000,000 Medical Records Seized (

An anonymous reader writes: The Daily Caller reports a troubling development for privacy: ". . .Robert Barnes filed the lawsuit . . . on behalf of a John Doe Company and individuals . . . “In a case involving solely a tax matter involving a former employee of the company, these agents stole more than 60,000,000 medical records of more than 10,000,000 Americans," . . . there was no warrant authorizing the seizure of the medical records and the records were not germane to the IRS search. “These medical records contained intimate and private information . . . that by its nature includes information about treatment for any kind of medical concern, including psychological counseling, gynecological counseling, sexual or drug treatment, and a wide range of medical matters . . . ” the complaint reads. The records are believed to concern the medical records of every judge in California, every state court employee in California, members of the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild, and people in “all walks of life.”" — More at Forbes. The Health Care Office at IRS has a new boss. The agency is a key enforcer for the Affordable Care Act.

Submission + - Nintendo Hijacks Ad Revenue From Youtube Playthroughs (

mcleland writes: The BBC reports that Nintendo is now using the content ID match feature in Youtube to identify screencap videos of people playing their games. They then take over the advertising that appears with the video, and thus the ad revenue. Nintendo gets it all and the creators of these videos (which are like extended fan-made commercials for the games) get nothing. Corporate gibberish to justify this:

In a statement, the firm said the move was part of an "on-going push to ensure Nintendo content is shared across social media".

Comment Graphic Novels (Score 1) 726

Others have mentioned The Hobbit and Narnia. We listened to Narnia on audiobook and my 7 year old eats them up. I just started the Hobbit and he's hooked half-way through chapter 1. Another idea is graphic novels. We got a few young reader books like Billy Blaster and Recon Academy (sort-of sci fi) which he can read along with. I discovered Missle Mouse which I had to read at first, but after a few readings he likes to look at for himself.

Comment Re:you can always leave (Score 1) 345

You're right, I made the choice to move out here for a job and you're right that access is one consideration about where to live. I can't help it much if I was somewhat misinformed about said access before purchasing the house. I don't think the world owes me Internet at all - it being so slow makes me get more reading done than watching something on Netflix. However, it is a service I pay for and expect something close to what I pay for. My question is about how to deal with the ISP.

Comment Re:First Ask, *Then* Get Angry (Score 1) 345

I have not contacted them and I'm not assuming they're just messing with me. I'm mainly looking for advice on how to reliably show them my service drop is real. But good point - if I had a dollar for every time I've said to someone in the office "have you called IT yet?"...well, I'd have a T1 and forget this.

Comment Re:I work for an ISP (Score 1) 345

That's one of the most useful and informative comments I've seen on Slashdot. I wish I could give you mod points. This is exactly why I asked this community. I suspect you're right that we're just so overloaded in our area there's little to be done. I took a rural job and a rural house and I realize this is the reality. Knowing what to ask helps - thank you.

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