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Comment Re:Combined with a traditional key-exchange algoti (Score 1) 65

According to Google's blog post:

Today we're announcing an experiment in Chrome where a small fraction of connections between desktop Chrome and Google's servers will use a post-quantum key-exchange algorithm in addition to the elliptic-curve key-exchange algorithm that would typically be used. By adding a post-quantum algorithm on top of the existing one, we are able to experiment without affecting user security. The post-quantum algorithm might turn out to be breakable even with today's computers, in which case the elliptic-curve algorithm will still provide the best security that today’s technology can offer. Alternatively, if the post-quantum algorithm turns out to be secure then it'll protect the connection even against a future, quantum computer.

If I read this correctly, they are using "New Hope" in combination with an existing algorithm.

Comment Re:Here's the problem. (Score 1) 171

In so far as WhatsApp is concerned, there's nothing stopping WhatsApp from changing the app so that both needs are served.

Except that no one has ever found a way to create a backdoor that only law enforcement can use. An encryption backdoor can't distinguish between "good guys" and "bad guys."

The challenge for services using encryption is to ensure that only the parties that have a right to know what is being sent are aware of it and nobody else. That includes keeping out hackers *AND* the CIA/DHS/NSA (that don't have any rights to that material) as well as allowing the FBI *ONLY* when so authorized.

Same problem... a backdoor built for the "the FBI *ONLY* when so authorized" can be abused by the NSA or by FBI when not authorized. If you poke a hole in a wall, the hole doesn't know or care who looks through it.

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