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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Open firmware released for Broadcom wireless

mcgrof writes: Linux developers have announced the release of a reverse engineered open source firmware for Broadcom 4306 and 4318 wireless hardware, licensed under the GPLv2. "Although the base firmware is not fully 802.11 compliant, e.g., it does not support RTS/CTS procedure or QoS, we believe that someone could be interested in testing it. The firmware does not require the kernel to be modified and it uses the same shared memory layout and global registers usage of the original stuff from broadcom to ease loading by the b43 driver." You can go check out and download the firmware at the Italian Universita' Degli Studi Di Brescia Open FirmWare for WiFi networks project page. This is a good example of clean room reverse engineering design where one group worked on specifications while another worked on the the driver and the firmware. Kudos to the specification writers and bcm43xx development team for their hard work.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Atheros unveils free Linux driver for its 802.11n (

mcgrof writes: "Atheros has released a shiny new Atheros driver for all their 11n devices aimed for inclusion in the Linux kernel. This new driver has no proprietary HAL and is licensed under the ISC so the BSD community should be able to benefit as well. Note: no firmware required! Hoping rms gets to read this although I doubt he reads slashdot :)"

Submission + - Novell release FAQ on Novell/Microsof agreement

mcgrof writes: "If you are like me, you were probably huffing and puffing about the new Novell/Microsoft deal, wondering "what the heck were they thinking!?". Novell has just released an FAQ on the Novell-Microsoft agreement which clears the most common concerns they've received over the last week. Essentially, no they don't violate the GPL, no there was no law suit that led up to this, and no its not the deal is not about patent infringements on GPL software. Interestingly the deal is about protecting Microsoft from suing Novell's customers from using Novell's software and violating patents. The same goes the other way around. There are more questions answered so go check it out if you want more."

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