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Submission + - Apple announces iPhone plans, activation details

Happy Eggs writes: Apple and AT&T announced this morning both plan details for the iPhone as well as how to activate it. To start off, there are three separate plans for the iPhone starting at $59.99 and 450 anytime minutes all the way up to $99 and 1,350 minutes. ALL plans come with visual voicemail and unlimited data, but only 200 SMS messages.

Secondly, though, is most interesting. Customers won't have to wait in line for each and every person to activate their iPhones, because activation can be done at home through iTunes. From the Ars article:

This means you won't have to wait those extra 10-15 minutes for each and every person in line to get an iPhone activated — just walk right in, buy the darn thing, and leave. "Users will be able to activate their new iPhone in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office, without having to wait in a store while their phone is activated," said Steve Jobs in a statement issued today. Well, sort of. You still have to get a credit check in the store, and so that will still take some time.
There's also a video demoing how all the activation stuff works, and it even shows you how to transfer your old number from another carrier.

Microsoft's Virtualization Stance Eying Apple? 238

Pisces writes "Over the past several days, Microsoft has flip-flopped on virtualization in Vista, with one ascribing the change in policy to concerns over DRM. A piece at Ars Technica raises another, more likely possibility: fear of Apple. Apple is technically an OEM, and could offer copies of Vista at a discounted price. 'All of this paints a picture in which Apple could use OEM pricing to offer Windows for its Macs at greatly reduced prices and running in a VM. The latter is absolutely crucial; telling users that they need to reboot into their Windows OS isn't nearly as sexy as, say, Coherence in Parallels. If you've never seen Coherence, it's quite amazing. You don't need to run Windows apps in a VM window of Vista. Instead, the apps appear to run in OS X itself, and the environment is (mostly) hidden away. VMWare also has similar technology, dubbed Unity.' Is Microsoft terrified of a world where Windows can be virtualized and forced to take a back seat to Mac OS X or Linux?"

Submission + - iPhone Activation through iTMS

J. Scott Anderson writes: "AT&T and Apple have announced iPhones can be activated via iTunes (the iTMS). My question is will that include phone number transfers? Either way, it will certainly reduce the amount of time that an AT&T or Apple retail store employee will have to spend with you to activate your new phone. That means the ability to sell more phones in each physical location. I mention this because of some analysts questioning the number of phones that can be sold via the stores. This will certainly increase that number.

From my perspective, that also means that I don't have to wait around for them to futz with my new OS X computer in a very small form-factor. I can handle it myself in the comfort of my office/home. =14"

Submission + - Web-sites that harness the power of the visitors (

Slavey Karadzhov writes: "The more a community site grows that more visitors it get and more time the admins of the site need to dedicate. I am interested to know if there are sites and open source software that "harness the power of the users" — like Slashdot — with their comments system, wikipedia — with the contribution from their visitors, BUT in such a way that it moves the load, and the rights from the admins of the site, to the visitors. Something that can be the base for a real web community site, governed by it's users but not left in a complete chaos."

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