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Journal Journal: My signature

Every once in a while somebody with too much time on his/her hands thinks it worthwhile to "attack" me because of my signature. I've explained it several times in the past, but of course no one is able to find those old posts in the immense Slashdot abyss and I don't want to repeat this off-topic explanation over and over. So I hereby commit it once and for all to my "permanent record".

My signature reads "Linux user since early January 1992." because I don't care about the political Slashdot correctness that requires people to be pro-Linux, pro-Open Source, pro-FSF, and anti-MicroSoft. Whenever I think MicroSoft to be right, I say so. Whenever I think one of the others to be wrong, I say so too. And yes, I write proprietary code for a living. To make matters worse, this code even is covered by a couple of patents.

Before I used this signature, I far too often had to point out that some zero-brained commentBot obviously hadn't read what (s)he was replying to.

Oh, just for the record: this signature is factually correct. The first Linux kernel I installed at home was 0.12, which was released on January 6, 1992.

Zealots please note that the permanent nature of this journal entry also implies that I will never ever change my signature, no matter what you think about it and/or me. In other words: you're fighting for a lost cause.

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