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Submission + - SPAM: silver flower

mcdevices writes: "MCD® Jasmine is a transceiver module of short-distance (200-300m in open space) wireless stereo or mono transmission, which integrates audio and RF circuits. It covers VHF and UHF frequency of 86-1000MHz. The receiver consists of high-frequency receiving, stereo demodulation, squelch circuit, MCU frequency control and other functions. The transmitter consists of high-frequency transmitting, audio amplification, stereo modulation, MCU frequency control and other functions. By simply adding an external antenna, an audio socket, a DIP switch for frequency setting and an external MIC, the transceiver could be embedded in a variety of devices such as general amplifiers and lights.

Compared with another transceiver MCD® Silver Flower that also integrates RF and audio circuits, MCD® Jasmine reduces voice compressing and expanding circuits, whereas adds stereo circuit. Therefore, it sacrifices a little audio dynamic state and signal to noise ratio compared with MCD® Silver Flower. However, the cost is greatly reduced, meanwhile frequency response and distortion degree is improved. Please refer to Comparison in Key Parameters in the following table.

MCD® Jasmine is characterized by low cost, and it comes with audio circuit. Stereo RX size is 39.6×67.4×11.0mm, and mono RX size is 31.0X72.9X11.0mm. Both modules work at 4.2V with RSSI squelch circuit, and output audio directly by being connected to an amplifier. TX size is 17.5×60mm, working at 4.2V. It is equipped with MIC bias circuit and amplifying circuit, and voice, wire and stereo audio input could be selected. The transmitting power of TX audio is 10dBm, and the receiving sensitivity of RX is -108dBm@12dBSINAD. With a reasonably matched antenna, the transmission distance of MCD® Jasmine transceiver at 864MHz in open space is 180m, and the transmission distance across rooms is 25m, without staccato."

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Submission + - SPAM: d2009

mcdevices writes: "D2009 may be applied in low-cost UHF and VHF wireless MIC. With multiple frequency points PLL, it may replace widely used single frequency point crystal in the market, and be easily embedded in wireless voice transmission and amplification in mining industry and electrical consumer systems. Together with audio circuit, transmitting module (TX) may be made into a complete wireless speaker or belt-pack transmitter. The receiving module (RX) is characterized by noise amplification, frequency mixing, local oscillation, MCU frequency control and other functions. Together with audio circuit, it may be made into a complete wireless MIC receiver. The frequency difference between TX and RX is 10.7MHz, and RX sensitivity is -108dBm@12dBSINAD."
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Submission + - SPAM: mcdevices

mcdevices writes: "The module consists of PLL, VCO, ROM, audio modulation, high frequency amplification and other circuits. Voice transmitter could be made by simply adding corresponding audio and control circuits, a MIC, an antenna and a shell.

Since the 1980s, manufacturing industry of 40/49 MHz baby monitor generally gets operating frequency by crystal oscillation, and then multiplying frequency three times. Therefore, the circuit is filled with unnecessary multiplied harmonic wave and fundamental wave. In order to clear the unnecessary frequency, tune of intermediate frequency turner is generally adopted to select the desired frequencies, which leads to the fact that production debugging becomes complex, and each operating frequency with each corresponding crystal. MCD Lily is characterized by built-in VCO PLL chips of MCD 2006S, whose read-only memory saves all frequency points of 40/49MHz baby monitor. By simply setting level of 4 input ports according to fixed logic, programming MCU could be reduced. With the chips, manufacturers could: 1. Reduce production manpower. 2. Reduce production cost. 3. Simplify production process. 4. Improve product stability. 5. Pass CE/FCC certification easily.

The transmitting power of MCD Lily is 10dBm or 0dBm. If the receiving sensitivity of corresponding receiver is 108dBm @ 12dBSINAD, with a reasonably matched antenna, the transmission distance of baby monitors using MCD Lily in open space could reach 300m, and indoor transmission distance across rooms is 50m, without staccato."

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Submission + - SPAM: mcdevices

mcdevices writes: "Mcdevices, based on China's shenzhen, focus on original radio frequency chips and module development, hold advanced design technology and produce the world first-class communication products,which have the aim to become world-class wireless communications device designer and manufacturers."
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