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Comment Re:They lost me when Stanza stopped working (Score 2) 225

Nothing to do with Apple - Stanza was bought out by Amazon when the Kindle app came along - thats why development was stopped, they didn't want competition for their own app. It still beats other e-book readers in quite a lot of ways, I just wish they'd implemented syncing across multiple devices before development shut down.

Comment Re:"We want people to use what's best for them" (Score 1) 346

Please, mod this up! This is probably exactly why they are doing this! Before, you could scrape all your contact's data (I used a throw-away yahoo mail account to import all that data when I deleted my facebook account, then re-imported it into my gmail contacts from yahoo mail) and it would be useful. This is probably to turn that scraped data into a pile of garbage. It would be mighty interesting to see if somebody can see what data comes through now - I suspect all the emails the users had set as their default will now be replaced with "@facebook" emails in that scraped data.. You can see their logic - with tight integration into iOS 6, for example, if users pull in "real" contact info they'll imessage or email friends instead of chatting through facebook. This is just a way to keep the average ignorant user locked into the facebook eco system.

Comment Re:Um (Score 5, Insightful) 334

damn wish i had mod points. and a shift key for that matter... anyway, surely there was a way for the operating system to poll the system using these 'magic' system commands to check if a disk had been inserted. so poll the system, see what it says - either a 1 or a 0, then spin up the drive and see what it actually says. heck do it as part of the system install. take a snapshot of the floppy drive device name or something at the same time. if the device name changes re-run this technique, cause if you swap the floppy with another drive which reports the same device name it'll still report 0 or 1 for the same type of disk insertion scenario so you fine, and if the floppy device name is diff, then re-run this technique. anyway, as part of the system install you could have polled if the disk was there, taken the answer, then actually spun up the drive and checked and bingo, your training is done1 damn what i could do with a shift key right now....

Comment Re:Potential Energy of Water (Score 2, Informative) 242

This has been implemented near Cape Town in South Africa. During the evenings, hen demand for electricity is low, they pump water from a resevoir on the cape flats (i.e. nearly at sea level)(google maps link) up to the top of a nearby mountain (link to it on google maps. Then during the day, when the electricity is needed, they let the water flow back down and power a turbine generating surplus for the grid. I think this was implemented since pretty much all of cape town's electricity is supplied by Koeberg nuclear power station (when the turbines aren't breaking down), and from what i can gather, the electrical output from a nuclear plant is pretty constant and would otherwise be wasted if there was not some way to temporarily store it during quiet times for use in peak times.

Actually, I was once speaking to a farmer who owns the farm that the upper resevoir is located next to, and he pointed out a large many-story high concrete pillar (you can see it in the google maps link to the upper resevoir i inserted earlier in this post, to the lower right hand corner of the dam). He reckons, and i have no reason to doubt him, that its there to absorb the backward wave of water that is created when the downward flow is shut off each night. The way he explained it was its almost like a super large tidal bore flows back up the pipeline that was drilled through the mountain to the lower reservoir. Supposedly it would spout a column of water about 50 meters into the air otherwise. Anyway,thats totally irrelevant to the article, just thought it would make the links a bit more interesting.

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