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Comment Re:Boo (Score 0, Flamebait) 133

We don't want rich internet applications

Thanks for that helpful comment Mr. I-speak-for-the-entire-Internet.

Tell me, who do you choose for our next president?
And tell me what I want for lunch today please!

Comment Step in the right direction (Score 1) 199

I'm glad that the courts allowed the defendant to view the source code (or at least get it analyzed). Software is not without its defects. It's my belief that any software that is used by the government to convict any of its citizens should be open for public review.

Now, the fact that he had to persuade the judge to allow the source code to be examined is upsetting but I think overall, its a positive move.

Comment Re:Damn (Score 0, Flamebait) 422

Pregnancy itself has a host of potential complications that range from mildly irritating to quite deadly

Nature is so dumb! Look, it can hardly do birthing correctly. I think we need to go fix everything so nature doesn't keep screwing everything up. Natural selection be damned!

Seriously? do we really want to go down this route? We've already screwed with the planet and life enough. Do we really need to screw with it more and more by allowing human/animal hybrids?

Comment Unnerving for everyone (Score 5, Insightful) 842

in a 23-11 vote that urges member states to adopt laws outlawing criticism of religions

As a Christian, this is unnerving. Contrary to popular belief, Christianity has a long history of criticizing the religious status quo. It was a major aspect of Jesus' message.

Another dangerous aspect of it is when church and state are combined, criticizing state will be seen as the same as criticizing religion (and vice versa) thus allowing the state to commit more human rights violations.

Comment Re:Was decent, once upon a time (Score 1) 600

I've noticed the same trend in big box electronic stores. The Good Guys, Circuit City, Best Buy.. all the same. The opening is neat and fun. They have knowledgeable and friendly staff at the start...

Then after a few years, everyone there things they're experts. They're conceited and stand around talking to other employees and making fun of the customers. I've never understood the arrogance of big box store employees. You work for Best Buy and somehow you're an expert in anything that plugs into a wall??? Gimme a break kid.

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