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Comment How hard should it be to keep new blocks around? (Score 1) 74

Ok so it looked kinda neat so I decided to try it last year. I spent a couple weeks on and off messing around with Scratch and yeah I had a bit of fun. I've been coding since 1980 so of course I just see Scratch as yet another syntax. I'm a clock nut, so the first thing I wanted to do was make a clock. Welp. To do that you need to know what time it is. Guess what? You need a new block to do that! I would've expected getting time and date would be a rather likely thing to include in the default set of blocks. I'm sort of glad it wasn't because it turned me on to one fault I found with Scratch. I had no trouble digging through forum posts and eventually making a time block and a date block. I got my clock going in a matter of moments afterward with several sprites and it looked kinda spiffy. So I saved it and went to bed. Next day I get up to do some work on the thing and what a lode of BS! My time blocks were gone! Well after hours of digging in forums again I found out how to save my blocks so they'd be reloaded when I started Scratch...or so I thought. Didn't work! I still wanted to mess around with Scratch some more so I had to remake my blocks every time I loaded Scratch. From time to time I tried to solve the block saving problem again. Eventually I gave up. Maybe it was my version of Scratch that was no good but I did try a couple other versions. Now I'm sure a bunch of you /.ers will chime in and say what an idiot I was for failing at this, but I find it a shortcoming of Scratch that it should be difficult to save new and simple blocks so that they're reloaded thence forth. What a PITA it is too for would be downloaders of my project to have to create these blocks to have my program work for them. I can accept that yes thats just the way it is with mods. But for goodness sake I find it a major problem that such simple mods would be so much of a pain that most people couldn't be expected to do it just to see your pitiful little noob project. Were that issue to go away, I still wouldn't torture anyone to learn scratch vs BASIC as a first language or pick your favorite text language to start with. I don't think its too much to ask to type a bit of text to get to the fun parts and you can do it pretty quickly in a few languages. IMO, Scratch fail. PS. I thought MIT was full of smart people.

Comment Re:I don't care. (Score 1) 335

Why does Occam's Razor favor the airliner when there is a very distinct history of missile tests off the coast of southern California and from Vandenberg on the coast of southern California? It would seem that Occam's Razor would favor the missile because it is the most common and obvious answer given the location. It happens multiple times per year. I know because I live here.

Which is so much more often than the 100s of times daily that commercial jets leave LAX?

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