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Comment Re:As someone who runs an IT company (Score 2) 655

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers a degree program specifically in IT, which covers Database Administration, Web Programming/Design, and maybe Game Design. (assuming they haven't moved the programs around since I was there) They also have a spun off program, called Networking Security, and System Administration, which actually covers real world IT skills, though I still learned a ton more through hands on experience through internships than I did in the majority of my classes. Though there were a few gems in there, and I credit having taken an early VoIP class to getting into my current position. I know most "IT" degrees are really just CompSci that has nothing to do with day to day IT, but there are a few schools out there that do focus in better offerings.

Comment Routing? (Score 2) 60

So... anyone actually know more about the "routing" part of this. All I saw was that they turned it into a "really big router" whatever that means, and then talk about the array. I'm assuming they're using the super computer to actually make the decisions of who is getting what data in real time, and sending it to the correct place, but they don't really talk about that at all. Anyone have a better link?

Comment Re:License Plate Bracket (Score 1) 521

The sensor alarm's the cops console in this case. They may or may not pull you over and issue a ticket for an equipment issue - generic or otherwise.
Your good passive defenses include:
  - Using a full plate cover which filters UV or is smoke-colored
  - Using a full plate cover with magic tape on the inside to change the IR appearance of the actual lettering of your plate.
  - Not washing your car.

Comment New York State already does this (Score 1) 521

The State of New York (atleast, out in the Western bit, where I live) already engages in this practice. A lot of the municipalities and law enforcement agencies here have taken advantage of state and federal money to equip cruisers with the Remington Plate Reader (read: The cars use the vehicles onboard AVL, combined with the results of the plate reader, and transmits the location of the cruiser with what plates its spotted back to the State Police.


Man Demonstrates His New Bionic Hand 124

digitaldc writes with this excerpt from the BBC: "Last year, Patrick, a 24-year-old Austrian, decided to have his dysfunctional hand amputated and replaced with a bionic hand. He lost the use of his left hand after being electrocuted at work. Here he demonstrates the extra movement his new bionic hand has given him, opening a bottle and tying his shoelaces, and tests a prototype hand which will give him additional wrist movement."

Comment Sheesh... (Score 3, Funny) 110

Researcher Create Computer That Fits On Pen Tip

My team obviously went the wrong direction. We've just completed work on a breakthrough - a pen that's large enough to fit onto a computer - comfortably. We figured that computers were tired of just writing to disk, so we'd let them write on paper as well. The actual apparatus is so comically large, that, obviously, only a large-ish computer would want to use it.


Comment Passwords (Score 5, Interesting) 438

What if my device is password protected? Can I be compelled to hand over the password? Because I won't.

If I cannot be compelled to hand over encryption keys for other forms of media, I'm not giving up a password to my mobile device, either.

At the same time, if they elect to seize and search my backpack, which is also locked, they have the option of breaking the lock to gain access to the contents. But is that legal? At that point, you're also destroying my property in the process.

Are these 'law enforcement officials' permitted to install software on devices in the course of conducting a 'search'?


Comment Re:PS2? (Score 1) 380

Is it infeasible to think that someone couldn't emulate/virtualize the PS2 environment in the PS3's hardware? I know the PS3 is no dog when it comes to available firepower. Not sure how it compares to the PS2 overall. It'd be nice to think.

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