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Comment Dual iMacs with one acting as second monitor (Score 1) 326

I found a combo I find extremely useful, but which I've not seen replicated elsewhere. As a network engineer I have to do a lot of modeling using CPU-intensive simulation software (GNS3, Ekahau, etc). Some of this software runs on Windows only, and doesn't work well in VMware or Parallels. So I really need a second computer, but most of the time I don't need to see its screen, as the simulation software runs in the background for hours at a time.

Apple's iMac with Thunderbolt lets one iMac use another as a second display, while the second iMac remains a fully-functional system in the background. I tailor each iMac for the tasks they run -- desktop software or simulation. My primary iMac is a 5K retina 27" i5 and 16GB. The secondary iMac is an older non-retina but maxed-out with a quad core I7 and 32GB. Both have SSD main drives, with a 4TB OWC Thunderbolt RAID array.

I can boot the secondary iMac in either MacOS or Windows, and then use its screen directly to set up a simulation before swapping the screen to my primary iMac (cmd-F2) as a second monitor. To check up on simulation status, I VNC into the secondary machine using the OS X ScreenSharing utility. This lets me enjoy the desktop advantages of the retina display and a second monitor for basic tasks like CAD and presentations, without being dragged down by CPU-intensive simulations,

Comment Re: Amazon is in the business of selling your data (Score 4, Informative) 262

Some companies use AWS in a HIPAA-compliant fashion, but many more don't. Achieving HIPAA compliance in AWS is quite complex -- and expensive -- requiring a separate virtual instance for every covered entity (e.g., insurance company or medical provider) and a slew of other sophisticated security measures. And it's not Amazon's responsibility to police companies claiming compliance. Amazon just provides APIs and services that can be built into a software company's infrastructure. But nobody is checking to make sure they do.

Comment HIPAA Fraud (Score 1) 262

The controlling regulatory authority for medical records in the U.S. Is HIPAA. Amazon's AWS can be made HIPAA-compliant, but only by the cloud-based medical provider, not Amazon itself. Achieving HIPAA compliance in AWS is quite complex -- and costly -- requiring a separate virtual instance for every covered entity (e.g., insurance company or medical provider) and a slew of other sophisticated security measures.

I'm a HIPAA IT security auditor, and have been amazed at how many cloud-based medical startups claim HIPAA compliance just because they use AWS. These companies are either too incompetent to understand that they have the burden for compliance, not AWS, or they are consciously lying to the public. Unfortunately, there are few enforcement mechanisms for HIPAA fraudsters because, ironically, they don't actually have a legal requirement to be compliant. That's up to the covered entity.

So ask any cloud medical provider to give you documented proof that they have actually implemented all HIPAA security measures. I ask for screen shots of the AWS provisioning pages. And don't let them claim confidentiality.

Comment And flying monkies will put Fedex out of business (Score 1) 414

Both scenarios are equally likely. The amazing thing is that "natural" intelligence is still falling for the gigantic sham that is "artificial intelligence." True AI believers have demonstrated time and again that they vastly underestimate how hard AI is. There still is no serious definition of intelligence, which works in their favor. AI researchers just keep dumbing down the definition (e.g., "weak" vs "strong" AI) in an effort to find an achievable goal. In other scientific disciplines that's called "cheating."

Comment Re: Stupid To Seek Proofs (Score 1, Insightful) 268

Climate change alarmists are always using false analogies to dismiss the questions of climate change skeptics. There is actually zero relationship between the questions posed by climate skeptics and the tobacco industry. And see how easily you slide into another long-belabored alarmism: population overgrowth. The whole "populution" cry has been soundly debunked ever since Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne predicted mass starvation of humans in the 1970s and 1980s. While famine exists, its root cause has been political instability, not global food shortage. Nations with democracy and a free press have virtually never suffered from extended famines. Which is why the alarmists switched their sirens to climate change: how better to sap the productivity of free people than to tax their self-generated wealth through baseless fear mongering?

Comment Oh, it's just a simulation (Score 4, Insightful) 268

Secure from battle stations, environmental joiners. Nobody has actually _measured_ a depletion trend for O2 in the Earth's oceans. It's all based on dodgy climate simulations:

To cut through this natural variability and investigate the impact of climate change, the research team—including Curtis Deutsch of the University of Washington and Taka Ito of Georgia Tech—relied on the NCAR-based Community Earth System Model, which is funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy...Using the simulations to study dissolved oxygen gave the researchers guidance on how much concentrations may have varied naturally in the past. With this information, they could determine when ocean deoxygenation due to climate change is likely to become more severe than at any point in the modeled historic range.

Note to readers of research papers: phrases such as "relied on", "gave the researchers guidance", and "is likely to become" are all code words for "we don't have any real data."

Let us know when you do. Otherwise, file this report in the fiction section.

Comment Mind the Gap, Skip University (Score 4, Interesting) 256

The traditional University is a dying educational model. It no longer delivers value for the tens of thousands of dollars required in tuition and living expenses. My recommendation: save that money and attend distance learning and massive online courseware from the comfort and inexpense of your home. Eschew the silly social constructs of campus life for real social interactions with the adult world. Universities will morph into excellent content producers. Or they will die. And the next generation will all live more mature, debt free lives.

Comment How to interpret scientific research papers (Score 1) 232

When a paper uses terms like "link" and "clue" it means they don't have proof for their hypothesis. So the report didn't "find global warming is shifting the way the Earth wobbles." It found some correlations between various data sets. And as every scientist knows, and most lay persons should learn, correlations are a time a dozen and prove nothing.

So this is just more AGW Chicken Little alarmism.

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