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Comment Re:The value of money (Score 1) 426

Henry Ford kept cutting the cost of making the model T (the famous line about "customers can have any color they want, as long as it is black" illustrated that point - it was least expensive to paint the cars black) - so then they could sell it cheaper, but still made a profit

the other "Henry Ford" story often told is how they offered a $5 daily wage (a version of the story here) - but once again, the underlying intent was to increase worker productivity and decrease employee turn-over (people hated working on the assembly line, but if you paid them enough ...)

if you could solve the "scarcity" problem (the "Star Trek" vision of the future) - then you might be able to get rid of "money", but that would also require changing basic elements of human nature

Comment political correctness 101 (Score 1) 407

a petition to stop bad reviews? c'mon people ... p.c. 101 = we believe in free speech that we agree with ...

as far as "suicide squad" goes - I loved the "Batman: Assault on Arkham" animated flick. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it (my local library system has it on dvd) - very much not for the youngsters though (PG-13 all the way) ...

to be honest, I've been turned off by any film with Wil Smith in it for quite a while - so I probably wouldn't have seen it anyway (even had a chance to get a free ticket and passed). DC does straight to dvd/whatever animated films very well - and keeps releasing terrible live action movies ...

Comment Greece's economy didn't fail due to "capitalism" (Score 1) 866

they were paying people to retire at 50, and then promising them benefits for the rest of their lives. Add in massive corruption and a shadow economy and they had the worst of both crony capitalism and socialism

The answer might be "simple" (cut welfare benefits, root out corruption, make business friendly changes to the tax code that encourage "free market" capitalism) - but by no means easy.

The EU is collapsing, so Greece will default soon anyway ...

Comment mandatory access control (Score 4, Insightful) 554

security wonk rule of thumb:

  • "confidential" = it would be embarrassing if this information leaked
  • "secret" = material/stuff might get destroyed if this information leaked
  • "top secret" = people could die if this information leaked
  • you need to control access to/the flow of "sensitive" information and therefore establish policies. Once policies are established they must be enforced. There isn't any allowance for "intent" - was the information "sensitive" were the policies violated. It isn't that complicated ...

Comment ... I wasn't going to see it this weekend BUT (Score 1) 267

saw it this morning - wasn't expecting to be blown away and I wasn't, but also wasn't disappointed with the movie. I'll have to see it again (eventually) to decide whether it is a good movie or not (e.g. "Phantom Menace" gets worse every time I stumble upon it)

yes, there are massive plot holes. yes, it is predictable. No Jar Jar, no midi-chlorians, handles the whole "Star Wars universe" burden as well as can be expected - basically a good time ...

Comment doing what is in their best interest (Score 1) 365

yes, revise the U.S. tax code - like politicians will ever do that ...

a less knee jerk/punish big corporations perspective in the WSJ:

The companies expect to achieve $2 billion in cost savings as well as significant tax benefits from the deal, under which Pfizer’s tax base would shift to Allergan’s home base in Ireland in a so-called inversion. As a result of the move, Pfizer expects to cut its tax rate to 17% or 18%, from its roughly 25% rate currently, because corporate taxes in Ireland are lower than in the U.S.

Comment basic economics (Score 2) 500

the owner "paid" for the increase in employee salaries by lowering his salary.

Also worth pointing out that people are making "at least" $70,000 - which implies that some (i.e. "more valuable") people are making more than $70,000. So this isn't some sort of "commune".

Under the "nothing new under the sun" category - Henry Ford did something similar during the early days of the assembly line (1914), introducing a $5 a day minimum wage (increasing from $2.34). The problem Ford had was people hated working on an assembly line. Employees would work a relatively short time then quit. The constant hiring and training was expensive - but more than doubling the daily wage was enough to increase employee retention and actually saved the company money ...

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