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Comment '30s era anti-explosion phone (Score 1) 620

We had a few years ago to install a 1930's era phone (made in Germany, still with a small swastika inside) that was used in a oil refinery. It was an "anti-explosion" phone, where all the electric part was double isolated from the outside so as not to spark any inflammables.

We tried to make it work with a Cisco ATA device. The device was already changed in the 80's to support nowadays electrical voltage, but otherwise still worked fine. The rotary dial was useless, as the ATA did not support it. But as it was configured as a PLAR line, it did its job flawlessly.

Submission + - Enraged Verizon FiOS Customer Seemingly Demonstrates Netflix Throttling ( 1

MojoKid writes: The ongoing battle between Netflix and ISPs that can't seem to handle the streaming video service's traffic boiled over to an infuriating level for Colin Nederkoon, a startup CEO who resides in New York City. Rather than accept excuses and finger pointing from either side, Nederkoon did a little investigating into why he was receiving such slow Netflix streams on his Verizon FiOS connection, and what he discovered is that there appears to be a clear culprit. Nederkoon pays for Internet service that promises 75Mbps downstream and 35Mbps upstream through his FiOS connection. However, his Netflix video streams were limping along at just 375kbps (0.375mbps), equivalent to 0.5 percent of the speed he's paying for. On a hunch, he decided to connect to a VPN service, which in theory should actually make things slower since it's adding extra hops. Speeds didn't get slower, they got much faster. After connecting to VyprVPN, his Netflix connection suddenly jumped to 3000kbps, the fastest the streaming service allows and around 10 times faster than when connecting directly with Verizon. Verizon may have a different explanation as to why Nederkoon's Netflix streams suddenly sped up, but in the meantime, it would appear that throttling shenanigans are taking place. It seems that by using a VPN, Verizon simply doesn't know which packets to throttle, hence the gross disparity in speed.

Submission + - Feedly under DOS attack (

mazevedo writes: If you've been having problems accessing Feedly, it is because it is under a DOS attack. For the moment Feedly seems to be trying to fix it, but still not working.

Submission + - Europol: "Chrome is determinedly prohibited"

mazevedo writes: In a security tech event, Vítor Agostinho, from the Portuguese unit of Europol said that Chrome was "determinedly prohibited in the institution". Failing to cite the reasons, he says that browser preference in Europol goes for Internet Explorer first and Firefox as a second line option.

Additional insight into Europol standards, are things like machines with on-line access and different machines for internal network access, or that the iPad was considered a non secure tool for taking notes in meetings.

Mr. Agostinho failed to mention what parameters the bi-yearly assessment study has shown to consider IE safer than Chrome, but understanding that both Chrome and Firefox have their source code open and freely available on the Internet, and IE is still the most hacked browser, this conclusion by one of the European Union's law enforcement agencies comes as a surprise.

The original article is here in Portuguese
Google translation is barely readable.

Space Station Crew Prepare For Emergency Spacewalk 95

astroengine writes "After the discovery of an ammonia coolant leak supplying one of the solar arrays on Thursday (video), International Space Station managers have decided to plan for an unscheduled spacewalk on Saturday to repair the problem. The final decision about whether to go ahead with the extravehicular activity will be made late on Friday. 'Good Morning, Earth! Big change in plans, spacewalk tomorrow, Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn are getting suits and airlock ready. Cool!', tweeted the Space Station's Expedition 35 Commander, Chris Hadfield, on hearing the news an emergency EVA may be required of his crew. 'The whole team is ticking like clockwork, readying for tomorrow. I am so proud to be Commander of this crew. Such great, capable, fun people.'"

Transfusions Reverse Aging Effects On Hearts In Mice 130

symbolset writes "Research published yesterday in the journal Cell (abstract) by Richard Lee and Amy Wagers of Harvard has isolated GDF-11 as a negative regulator of age-associated cardiac hypertrophy. 'When the protein ... was injected into old mice, which develop thickened heart walls in a manner similar to aging humans, the hearts were reduced in size and thickness, resembling the healthy hearts of younger mice.' Through a type of transfusion called parabiotic or 'shared circulation' in mice — one old and sick, the other young and well — they managed to reverse this age-associated heart disease. From there, they isolated an active agent, GDF-11, present in the younger mouse but absent in the older, which reverses the condition when administered directly. They are also using the agent to restore other aged/diseased tissues and organs. Human applications are expected within six years. Since the basis for the treatment is ordinary sharing of blood between an older ill, and younger healthy patient, we can probably expect someone to start offering the transfusion treatment somewhere in the world, soon, to those with the means to find a young and healthy volunteer."

Submission + - Minister says piracy is good for progress ( 1

mazevedo writes: Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and High Studies, Mariano Gago, says that "Piracy is a source of progress". Quoted by Spanish newspaper "El País", during a summit in Madrid, he says that the cultural industry should not look at piracy as an enemy, but as a source of progress and globalization. (In Portuguese) (in Spanish)

It's nice to see a politician with his eyes open!

Submission + - "Piracy as been a source of progress" ( 1

seasunset writes: Jose Mariano Gago, minister for Science and Technology of Portugal said that Piracy and been a source of progress and globalization (Google translation). This senior official of the south western EU country also suggested that value of cultural products might sometimes be increased by piracy.

Regarding downloads, Gago stated that the Portuguese government is studying regulation, but that it "must be sensible" and that "The Internet is a matter of adding freedoms, not restricting them.

Comment Re:I think this is probably wrong and demented.... (Score 1) 940

"Being obese will shorten his lifespan."

And you are? His mother? Father? Wife? Even those people have no right to say that he must change his diet!
Anyway, as far as I know, and he describes it, his plane was not even full.
If things are as he said (there's always the version, of course - and I've read nothing about it) than I think it's discrimination. Period!

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