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Comment Oh, It's Simple, All Right... (Score 1) 211

The technicalities of her grant of rights requires attribution, and do not give any right to sub-license the works. They are well and truly screwed in this case. Even if they claim that they were merely acting as an agent for someone else who submitted the pics to them, they failed to do proper due diligence to ensure that whoever that person was actually had the rights to begin with.

And this sure appears to be a case brought by someone with legitimate standing who wants to have very severe punishment imposed, and is one where the evidence is public and incontrovertible.

Comment FTA... (Score 1) 110

"The office of Brazil's attorney general reiterated its position that judges who suspend WhatsApp are incorrectly interpreting a 2014 law meant to provide a legal framework for the internet.

"Still, that guidance has not stopped judges frustrated with the modern limits of wiretaps in drug-trafficking investigations from going after the service and even briefly jailing a senior Facebook executive in March."

It sounds like we have a judge who is violating the law and should be arrested herself.

Comment And an amplification (Score 1) 224

One point that should be amplified is that under the Soviet system, there was also a criminal offense called "Social Parasitism" whereby anyone without a job would be a considered to be a criminal, and likely sent to the Gulag. In practice, it was "the hammer" that the authorities used against dissidents - they would be fired from any job they had and blacklisted, then charged with "parasitism" for not working. Additionally, the court system was not independent, and all accused were automatically considered guilty. Indeed, "defense attorneys" often denounced their "clients" even more vigorously than the official prosecutors.

Comment Better Solution (Score 4, Insightful) 47

Perhaps a better idea is to create a new court that can issue warrants in a "cyber jurisdiction" - ie an IP address or address space. That court can be highly specialized and have expertise in issuing such warrants, and have no jurisdiction over any physical area. Once the results of any searches authorized under the "cyber warrant" are resolved to a physical location, then new warrants can be obtained from the traditional courts for those jurisdictions.

Comment Re:Pascal (Score 1) 414

Modern Object Pascal languages such as Delphi or FreePascan are far from toys. In reality, they are just as powerful as C++ for 99% of use cases, but offer a more readable syntax.

Comment Diesel-Electric (Score 1) 496

The way to go for minimizing the emissions is to build diesel-electric hybrids, where the engine only turns a generator that charges batteries. The reason is that the engine can be optimized for one RPM and load, and the catalysts can run closer to a steady state. Where the emissions spike are during transitions of power output, especially when accelerating after a period of very low output that lets the cats cool down.

Comment Still A Good Idea (Score 4, Insightful) 245

It's still a good idea, but the metrics need to be better thought-out to account for the patients that are being seen. A proper system will also "grade" each patient based on how bad their condition is, and then combine the mortality rates to come up with a metric that reflects how well the doctor is doing at improving outcomes where it is possible to do so.

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