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Comment Gotta Think That.... (Score 3, Insightful) 437

Applying the order to those already in possession of visas and green cards sure looks like the DHS bureaucracy doing a mini-rebellion by applying the EO to its most extreme levels, rather than using good legal reasoning based on due process. It's clear from the text of the EO that they were to implement it "to the extent allowed by law" which does not permit abuse of discretion. Sometimes people in agencies will cynically implement an order in a way as to inconvenience those it isn't intended to cover to generate outrage.

Comment Re:Why don't H1Bs simply build companies at home? (Score 1) 477

I'm coming around to the thought that Trump's persona is about the only thing that could break the logjam. Every other Republican has eventually been beaten down by a hostile media, and an opposition party that acts as if it is in charge even when it isn't. His strategy has been pretty easy to understand - drive the opposition so crazy that they make stupid errors, while tossing really substantial moves into the mix that go unnoticed in all the noise. Trump acts like the lightning rod while his staff actually does the real behind-the-scenes political work appears to be the way it's working out.

Note that many of his moves are actually aimed at driving wedges between various components of the opposition's coalition, while beating down corrupt players in the GOP. He seems to be building a new center-right coalition, and it appears to be working.

Comment Interesting... (Score 1) 834

TFA seems to be stressing the impact on the India-based body shop firms, who are indeed the primary target of this action. They are the ones who have gamed the system for years, and set up a wink-nod artifice to replace American IT staff with Indian H1B workers by claiming that it is simple outsourcing. It sure looks like a criminal conspiracy to me.

Comment Re:Popular Science reports... (Score 1) 372

The Democrats have cobbled together a coalition of identity groups that actually have diverging interests, and don't really like each other all that much. As both parties are in a constant state of evolution, we've now reached a state where the Democrats have run their margins up hugely in some areas, while losing vast swaths of the country. That is a recipe for political disaster due to the structure of the US and State governments. Our system is designed to force everyone toward some sort of consensus and compromise, or to just shut down when that isn't possible.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are working hard at peeling off at least parts of each of the Democrats' constituent groups.

Thinking that parts of the country are irrelevant is beyond foolish. That has resulted in a vast shrinkage of the "purple" in electoral maps over about a decade, while "blue" areas have gotten brigher and brighter blue, and bluish areas first turned purple, and are now bright red.

The bigger problem coming is fiscal. There is flat-out no possible way to cover upcoming pensions and social spending, and that will hit the urban areas first, and hardest. All of these programs were predicated on the idea of a growing population paying in to cover those collecting benefits, and the ratio has shrunken dramatically due to longer lifespans and low reproduction rates, combined with automation reducing the number of workers needed in many industries.

Comment Re:Capitalism works, SLOWLY (Score 1) 372

The key factor isn't regulations vs. free-for-all, but making sure that the regulations are as simple to comply with as possible without compromising the stated goal, and making the bureaucracy move faster and with less BS paperwork that serves no purpose other than checking off a box. Additionally, it is really important to understand that we currently have a condition where multiple agencies at both Federal and State levels promulgate regulations that are not coordinated over the same subject, and do make the rules such that it is not possible to comply with all of them at the same time - comply with Rule X and violate Rule Z, for example. That ends up having to be resolved in court after millions of dollars in litigation and often criminal liability, and makes the environment such that only those players with deep enough pockets can enter the market, and all others are locked out.

Comment Re:yes they should (Score 1) 1081

The only tweak that I would make would be to allocate electors on a per-district basis, with the two that represent the number of Senators being allocated to the winner state-wide. That would help to get candidates that are acceptable to the widest range of constituencies and reduce the chances of a split between popular vote and electoral college count.

Comment Re:Numbers Are Easy (Score 1) 224

They still follow roughly the same logic, though now the last pair of digits are a "performance category" that is only nominally related to the actual displacement. Thus we have the 2.0 l turbo-4 in the 320i (180 HP), the (much better tuned) 2.0 l turbo-4 in the 328i (240 HP), and the 3.0 liter turbo-6 in the 340i (340 HP). In the previous generation, the 328i put out 230 HP from a naturally-aspirated 6, and the 335i did 300 HP from a turbo-6. With the slight bump in power, they bumped the nomenclature to match.

Of course, it's all marketing spin and BS, but at least it's still internally consistent.

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