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Comment Re:You would (or wouldn't) be surprised... (Score 1) 147

Yes DEC made networking gear. For a long time almost all the ISA network cards I worked with had DEC written on one of the chips. They had people on the committees for eithernet many ideas were taken from decnet.

Yes DEC got bought by Compaq, Which started the major slide and then when HP and Carly got involved that lead to what is if anything is still left.

Comment Re:Since When? (Score 3, Interesting) 355

Graphics on my laptop great with Windows 10 until the an update. Since then it will not drive an external monitor. Reported it about 6 months ago. Machine is dual boot so windows 7 runs fine on the same hardware so I know the graphics card is fine, Will they let me roll back to older driver? No. They have a working driver, just let me install it.

Why give feedback when it will just be ignored.

I had over 100 upvotes on insider feedback last time I checked.

Comment Re:It's a subtle thing (Score 5, Interesting) 362

I do not look as old as I am but it is catching up with me. Back when they used to do real job fairs with tech people at them, I could talk to people at the booth, see that they are excited. Sometimes even help them solve a problem they had. They take my resume and everything sounds great.

Then the HR department gets my resume and they require me to tell them when I graduated college or high school. Suddenly I am black listed and nobody will return my calls. It has happened over a dozen times. They do not call my references. I had one potential employer hand me my job app back and ask me to fix the typo in my date of birth (LOL)

Either I have a murder conviction that I can not remember, or they are trashing me due to my age.

I have been tempted to get a community college degree just to spoof the HR departments.

Comment Re:Details! Details! (Score 2) 272

if the plane was flying entirely by auto pilot and then the fuel ran out the auto pilot would likely disengage and expect the pilots to take over. if the pilot were in the cockpit and aware, it is likely that as the plane neared the ocean he would lower the flaps to allow the plane to fly slower to reduce the speed at impact. Lowered flaps help prevent stalls at low air speeds and are deployed while landing. While cruising at altitude they are kept up to reduce drag. If up and attached to the plane at impact they could be expected to be stopped when the wing in front of the stops suddenly from impact with the water. the leading edges and the attachment points will show different bending and stress patterns depending on how the plane crashed.

However, there is another possible scenario. If the plane was flying at high altitude and control was lost. (perhaps due to a stall because of engine flame out) the plane could have gone into a steep uncontrolled dive. This could have subjected the plane to extreme over speed. At very high speeds the plane would break apart. it is not unheard of for airliners to come apart in the air just because of mistakes made by the pilots.

i believe this is a composite part. Made of fiber and glue. Some of the edges in other photographs show what seems to be fraying/delamination on the edges. This could be caused by sea water or it could have been due to over-speed.

Comment Re: Solves part of the mystery. (Score 2) 272

When you go into large buildings with multiple floors and see "exposed" metal beams you will frequently notice they seem to have been sprayed with some concrete or foam like substance. This is usually concrete that is sprayed on the beams to slow heat transfer. The builders and designers are generally required to show that there is enough of this protective insulation to allow the contents of the building to burn for two hours before the steel would be heated to the point where it become soft enough to collapse. This is to protect firefighters and occupants for long enough for the building to be evacuated. I was quite shocked when the first tower went down in less than two hours.

What happened was that the impact of the plane knocked this fragile protection off the beams and then the heat from the burning building contents would have been enough to bring the building down. The jet fuel did not help of course, but the removal of the insulation was the critical part of the failure

Comment Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 1) 172

This week they have shipped two new beta builds which have made more improvements that the last 3 months. I have not seen the "tap" any where in the last few months except when they really mean tap/click. Just use the mouse

It even works ok on machines that have a frame around the monitor and no keyboard/mouse as a touch screen. Windows 8 on a touchscreen with a frame around it was a disaster. On my windows 8.1 machine i never use the touchscreen except for testing.

Comment Re:phone companies can stop this, if they wanted (Score 1) 193

I think there need to be regulations similar to what they did to limit the spammers. Let us complain with a * code or something. Then if enough claims are made of fraud the provider gets banned from connecting to the phone network. push this trough and eventually the people providing the connections to the VOIP system will put some protections in place.

Yes, I know this did not fix all spammers but the phone network is a little different.

Comment Re:Learn what deprecate means (Score 1) 468

Most of the things people have been mentioning here are just gone.

Yes, typically MS has first stopped support and announced deprecation. then eventually they removed it.

In some of these cases the writing was on the wall but MS did not make a big deal of it coming. But mostly the stuff people are complaining about here are gone and you need to go elsewhere to get it.

Comment ink pad and the Tech contamination (Score 1) 143

be sure now to get a new stamp pad of ink each time you get finger printed.

Oh and make sure you get the finger print tech who holds your fingers and rolls them over the card drug tested. Go ahead and insist on that the next time you are fingerprinted.

Let me know how that works. LOL

Comment Think! His father saved by a mismatch (Score 1) 163

Michael Usry Sr. was ONLY ONE ALLELE away from going to jail for the rest of his life!!

His father is the case you should be thinking about.

You think they would have paid attention to any alibi short of him being on live national TV or in prison at the time of the murder?

Part of the "validity" of DNA matching is that it is generally used as a method of confirmation: "Bob was seen have having an argument with the victim 20 hours before the body was found, He was having an affair with the victim's wife, there is only one chance in three billion that a random stranger has the same DNA profile...."

This is vastly different from collect and type the DNA. look in some databases. Then prove the person did the deed! .

Comment Re:The "what?!" is reaction time (Score 1) 304

So I am stuck on the freeway in the center of 8 cars. We have not moved in so long that people are getting out of the cars to see if they can see what the problem is. But if I put my car in park and then send a text message to say I will be late I should have a fine of hundreds of dollars and get my license yanked?

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