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Comment Re:Some perspective (Score 1) 185

Would you be willing to share some pictures and advice from your DIY injection molding machine? I have a little CNC (Taig) at home, and I've been dreaming of building an injection molder. If you're willing, I can be reached at [my user name here]@yahoo.com or if you have a webpage that details the build, please feel free to post the URL. I'd love to see it!

Comment Re:"no longer be offered in a pencil & paper f (Score 5, Insightful) 224

Or it means that you couldn't keep going to school because you had to support your family or that your family had issues that you had to escape (see, crime, poverty). One of my very good friends dropped out of high school, got his GED, attended college, and graduated with degrees in both electrical engineering and computer engineering. He also maintained a 3.9 GPA (only one class ever gave him less than a 4.0). Now, he's a very smart guy, mind you, but it just goes to show that not everyone out there getting a GED is meth-snorting, glue-sniffing trash. Try having a little compassion.

Comment Re:Kickstarter advertisements on Slashdot (Score 2) 77

Have fun donating your money to EA and other "established" piece of crap studios then. The whole point of kickstarter is to give people a chance who otherwise wouldn't have one. That they have a prototype this far along is already a good sign. How hard it is to donate a whole dollar? People like you need to stop bitching every time they see something someone else has made, and start helping instead.

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