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Comment Re:Coming soon (Score 1) 53

If you think that a viable and functioning treatment will keep staying expensive then you have very little imagination. Immune therapy is a hot topic these days, and seem to be very suitable for automation. It actually seem to be best suited for automation. So my best guess is that prices will plummet if it becomes standard.

Comment Abstraction is moving from components to units (Score 1) 220

Stop considering the individual components of a piece of equipment for a unit that can be repaired. It is the wrong layer of abstraction.

In modern electronics a single electronic component has long stopped being the unit of repair. If your electronics gets fried, you change at least the entire circuit board. Personally I rarely get electronics repaired. Rather I will replace.

The new unit of repair is whatever not requires human intervention. A modern phone is assembled by robots so the entire phone is cheaper to replace and get a new phone you know is working. Instead of risking the uncertainty of getting a non-fixed device at unknown human hourly wages.

Comment Re:TLDR, were any laws broken? (Score 1) 262

I find it hard to believe that Facebook has no profit generating business in the UK. No UK companies buying adds on the site. So of course laws were broken. If a company makes business in several countries but only report their income in the one with the lowest tax rate then they are cheating on their taxes. There are a lot of financial techniques possible for that.

Comment Re:Deletion of duplicate files (Score 1) 314

If a file is copied on their internal network between users they can basically just make a softlink. Pirates can also have a secret stash and then copy from that to a public acount. So after a dcma takedown they just make a new "softlink" from their private stash to the public account. Naturally they will need security when they make the public acount.

Comment It was both right and wrong (Score 1) 467

As a programmer working on difficult and abstract problems, his method is not that usefull. The example was good for a single simple problem. But that is not really the problems you have when working on difficult problems. And writing visual-feedback software for complex problems would be like writing book authoring software that creates a movie from the book you are writing. It is a good and obvious idea. But absolutely unrealistic for real world problems.

Where it is *very* useful though is for programmers designing software. If we can make our software work like that in their limited domains, then it is a terrific way to solve our users problems.

Comment Virtualization has changed the game for me (Score 3, Interesting) 113

These days you don't have to choose. I run Win 7 on my machine and a virtualbox Ubuntu on that. So I develop in Ubuntu, and any kind of multimedia stuff is handled in Windows.

The great thing about development on Unix is that it is all just there. apt-get install xxx and you are ready to go. Versions are automatically upgraded. If you prefer working in a windows environment for some part of your project, you can easily do it by sharing drives and networking.

Comment Oh you think so? (Score 1) 549

Considering that my 46" LED 1600x1080 flatscreen TV, which also has built in media player, internet connection etc costs about the same as a tablet, I would say yes.

They are insanely priced. I could install android on a small computer and make my own bloody 46" tablet... and use it as a coffee table.

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