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Comment Re:Primary Problem? (Score 1) 245

I can't be sure since I don't own a PS3 and it's a bit hard to track down info online since it seems Sony has messed with the way auto start works.

There are some relevant settings under Settings/System Settings/ Disc Auto Start


There's conflicting info on if this will boot to disc upon turning the console on or just when a disc is inserted and the PS3 is already on. Some also mentioned that it doesn't work if there is more than one gamer profile on the PS3.

Comment Re:Where are the mid-American datacenters (Score 2) 186

You might be correct but keep in mind that there are other limitations as well. Cost and need for cooling, talent, price of utilities and infrastructure (not just utilities but potentially network related as well).

However there has to be something behind the idea of data centers in the midwest, at the very least Iowa is home to a Google data center.

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