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Comment About the dog (Score 5, Informative) 36

Just wanted to add the little detail that the dog that was involved in the 2005 incident didn't attack the woman. Out of context this sounds like a horror movie.

The woman's been unconscious on the ground and the animal seemed to be trying to wake her up. More can be read on Wikipedia:


Submission + - Microsoft patches Samba (

mawe writes: "A Microsoft employee has sent along a patch on the samba-technical list ( Quite big news!"

Comment Re:Pathetic (Score 1) 132

Not so much considering he gets to play with Lego bricks all day long. It may be a waste of his talent, but hell, who cares if he enjoys it.

How much do you earn and is your job as entertaining as his will be?

I'd quit my (better payed) job not thinking twice if I get offered that position.

Comment Re:Show UI stuff (Score 1) 535

Dead-on. Just experienced this yesterday. Had all the code ready for a project but the UI was rather simple. He was like "that's nothing". The review would've been more successful if I had spend half the day on a shiny interface mockup and pasted a jpeg into the app. I'm sure he wouldn't even have noticed it.

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