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Comment Lion is so secure it tells Apple everything (Score 1) 204

Lion is so secure it reports back to Apple everything you have stored on your computer. Instead of worrying about who is trying to break in (remember most corporate data loss happens from the inside) maybe people should be watching what apps like the "App Store" are doing and what information is leaving your computer. Try this, have a legal copy of lion downloaded on one mac. Go to the app store on another mac and it shows 29.99 then move the downloaded copy of lion to any folder on the mac that still shows the purchase price. Open the app store again and no longer will use see the option to purchase but it shows as installed. Now take it one step further. Remove the lion file again, open the store and it shows 29.99 again. Now take a usb drive attach it to your mac again. Copy lion dmg to the usb hard drive to any folder you would like to create. Go back to the app store and it shows as being installed again. This all with out making any preference changes to the app store or any other app. Apple is real time scanning your system and sending information back to Apple. They are also doing this with your entire iTunes library (icloud anyone). This is just something to thing about. I am sure all the Apple fan boys will defend Apple and slam me for this but I had everyone in my family get macs for the last 15 years so I would not have to fix their Windows machines. Even though I am a long time Linux user I did like macs but now I will not touch them or anything else Apple makes.

Comment The same can be said..... (Score 1) 154

I think about this a lot! Think about where we would be if the lawyers of today existed when say the telegraph, telephone, phonograph, radio, television, vcr (betamax anyone?) microwave, etc.... were invented. In general its not that people are narrow minded today, just extremely greedy! I mean really, especially Apple. BTW, I think new features in Lion really ripped off the look and feel of Gnome3 especially scrolling. I think the open source community should speak to some lawyers and sue Apple and force them to open source their GUI. I am sure Steve would not like that.

Comment more nazi's in america (Score 2) 457

I am an American that has lived in Germany for some time. Most of these people are not "children" and the definition of a "child" is quite different here than back home. Also to wear, own or display anything from the Nazi era will land you in jail unlike back home in America where you are free to where Nazi uniforms, fly their flags (I can think of one instance lately where a guy in Michigan flew a Nazi flag to celebrate his grandmothers birthday as he put it). Don't get me wrong there are still extremist here that want all Auslanders OUT. For Germans this is in the news for the humor of it, not like OMG the Nazi's are rallying.

Comment Very narrow vision (Score 2) 244

I have worked in several countries in IT, specifically IT security. The author clearly sees things only from one perspective. Other nations IT capabilities especially within small to medium companies is very limited with IT staff's that have very limited experience. This is not to say all countries but many. The problem of IT security is not just a U.S. problem but globally IT security is a mess. Think about this: in Austria a very small European the television is state run and you pay a tax. That state run company was just hacked a few weeks ago and every Austrian that has a TV is a customer so they all lost personal data to hackers. Birthday, bank information if they paid with a bank or credit card. Full name and address and etc...... Yes the U.S. has a problem but so does every country out there. Personally I am concerned about all security.

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