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Comment Re:It's not really that bad (Score 1) 913

According to Political Compass, on the right side of the line are people FOR the severest punishment in child rape cases... This is a country of with deep convictions about justice, dignity and personal responsibility. I hope it is what always separates us from the weakness (aka leftness) found in many other "first world" nations.

Comment Re:Hybrid cars? (Score 1) 307

The Volt gets pretty good gas mileage because, it, uh, doesn't run on gas. I think it's hard to even compare the Volt and a "hybrid" or any car where locomotion is directly tied to an internal combustion engine. The Volt is a true EV that has a gasoline engine to watch over the battery. If you drive under a 40 mile "session", the gas engine won't need to start... ever. Imagine that, from a near dead American car company that also makes 400+ HP hot rods. What else? I don't think GM licenses hybrid technology from Toyota... They seem to be doing pretty well without Toyota's help. I am reasonably sure GM's 2 mode hybrid system is also more sophisticated, albeit different, from Toyota's "synergy drive". I saw my first Tahoe hybrid the other day. Sure strange listening to a big SUV "whine" quietly and drive off.

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